Illegal deer hunt exposed in area

State Wildlife Officer Josh Zientek, assigned to Fulton County, was on patrol during the statewide deer gun season when he received a call from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office about someone deer hunting without permission.

Officer Zientek and Deputy Brian Marvin went to the suspect’s residence and observed a nine-point buck in a pole barn. After speaking with the suspect, the officers discovered that the suspect had been driving a vehicle on the property adjacent to the complainant’s when he saw a buck lying down in the woods and decided to shoot it from the vehicle.

However, based on information discovered during the investigation, the deer had not been shot on the complainant’s property. Officer Zientek issued the appropriate summonses to the suspect who appeared in Fulton County Western District Court. The suspect was found guilty and the nine-point deer was forfeited to the ODNR Division of Wildlife.