Courthouse News


Derek Apger, Fayette, speeding, $135 fine.

Jessica Izaguirre, Archbold, failure to yield right of way at through highway, stop or yield sign, $125 fine.

Joshua T. Whitcomb, Wauseon, speeding, $125 fine.

Cynthia L. Laws, Delta, safety belt violation, $30 fine plus court costs.

Mike Hartsock, Wauseon, failure to require dog to wear tag, $10 fine plus court costs; failure to confine dog, $25 fine plus court costs.

Ashley E. Nofziger, Fayette, charges dismissed, $0 fine plus court costs; offensively coarse utterance or gestures, $50 fine plus court costs.

Michael E. Leahy, Metamora, charges dismissed, $0 fine plus court costs; theft, $200 fine plus court costs, 15 days in jail with credit for 10 days served, under community control until Aug. 18, 2018, defendant is placed on one year reportable probation, defendant must complete Drug / Alcohol Assessment and Recommended Aftercare and Theft Intervention Program and perform 30 hours community service.

David F. Schweinhagen, Wauseon, brake equipment, $150 fine plus court costs.


Amie D. Gerken to John F. and Judicia M. Smith, 705 S. Harvest St., Wauseon, $148,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio to Ryan A. and Rachel E. Ipsaro, 15340 County Road 6, Metamora, $27,000.

Midland Agency of Northwest Ohio to Robert T. and Stephanie L. Smith, 15266 County Road 6, Metamora, $24,000.

Robert R. and Barbara C. Irelan to Ellen M. Beaverson, 15673 County Road K, Wauseon, $143,000.

Charles M. and Lisa M. Hoffman to Keith E. Keivens Jr. and Michael E. Lowery, 7435 County Road C, Delta, $138,000.

Rebecca J. Borton and Mary J. Birk to Boger Family Farms, LP, acreage along US 20, Lyons, $744,000.

Donald R. and Linda A. Lantz to Jack G. Moore, 712 Taylor St., Delta, $45,000.

Corey T. Roth trustee et al to Corey T. Roth and Rachel Aeschliman, 2823 County Road 24, Archbold, $170,000.

Susan K. Barbee et al to Debra A. Villalovos, 331 E. Walnut St., Wauseon, $47,000.

The Metamora State Bank to M. T. Sassaman trustee, 205 Wood St., Delta, $48,000.

Jeffery R. Lee by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to U. S. Bank Trust, 9333 County Road 17, Wauseon, $68,000.


Client First Lotteries, LLC, plaintiff vs. Michael Meyers, defendant, other civil.

Huntington National Bank, plaintiff vs. Charles N. Irvin et al, defendants, foreclosures.

Justin L. Leu, plaintiff vs. David Korecki, defendant, other civil.

HSBC Mortgage Services, Incorporated, plaintiff vs. Stacie J. Perez, et al, defendants, foreclosures.

Kathi L. Fruchey, plaintiff vs. Panther II Transportation, Incorporated, defendant, other civil.

United States of America, plaintiff vs. Jeffery C. Beroske et al, defendants, foreclosures.

Charles Nearhood Jr., plaintiff vs. Rachel A. Stanley, defendant, child support enforcement U. R. E. S. A.

Erin M. Olejniczak, plaintiff vs. Daniel J. Olejniczak, defendant, dissolution of marriage with children.

Randy L. Moyer Jr., plaintiff vs. Hilary D. Moyer, defendant, termination of marriage without children.