NSCC seminar on drug epidemic scheduled

Staff report

On Friday, April 7 All adults 55 and over are invited to a one-day seminar, “Not in My Neighborhood,” an up-close, personal look at the drug epidemic in the area, Friday, April 7, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., at Northwest State Community College.

The seminar aims to inform unsuspecting, caring citizens about the rise of this troubling phenomenon. The Center for Lifelong Learning at the College is hosting the event.

“Many people are troubled by the news of the epidemic, but they just don’t even know enough to know what to look for,” said Cecily Rohrs, coordinator of the event. “Unless you’ve been directly affected, the horrifying news reports are difficult to put in perspective. Many in our rural area naively think things like, ‘Surely there aren’t illegal drugs in my neighborhood. Surely not in my own home! Never!’ But the drug epidemic is out of control, and this day will give attendees information needed to be an informed member of their family, their church, and their community.”

To open the seminar, attendees will get an overview of what today’s drugs may look like on the street. What are some of the “tools” of the drug users’ trade? Is it possible that your own medicine cabinet may be dangerous? Professionals who fight the epidemic every day, as well as parents of users and former users themselves, will speak.

“Nothing – not financial status, education or lack of, profession or parenting skills – nothing provides a wrap of security around those you love,” Rohrs said

The day will open with coffee, tea, and a cookie prior to the start of the seminar. Pre-registration before the close of Monday, April 3 is necessary, but the $12 registration fee, which includes a college-provided lunch, can be paid at the door for those with reservations.

The day and the attire is casual, with plenty of time for questions and discussion with the presenters. Registrants are asked to enter through the east doors of the college, Building A, where they will find plenty of signage to Room A215, where the group will gather. An elevator makes the room easily accessible, and restrooms are near.

Reservations can be made by: phoning Cecily Rohrs at 419-267-5502 and leaving a message including name and total number in the group; e-mailing crohrs@northweststate.edu; or dropping a note of intention to the Center for Lifelong Learning, 22600 State Route 34, Archbold, Ohio 43502.

Staff report