Common Pleas Court

Thomas L. Frankforther, Delta, vs. Angela Frankforther, Perrysburg, dissolution of marriage with children.

Amy J. Olmstead, Pettisville, vs. Mark A. Olmstead, Pettisville, dissolution of marriage without children.

Amanda S. Wohlgamuth, Wauseon, vs. Joseph A. Wohlgamuth, Wauseon, termination of marriage with children.

Jacqueline A. Willford, Delta, vs. Michael Willford, Malinta, Ohio, termination of marriage without children.

Eleanor Jordan, Swanton, vs. Digital Dish Inc., Millersburg, Ohio, other civil.

Rhonda M. Clymer, Wauseon, vs. William J. Clymer, Wauseon, termination of marriage without children.

Educational Community Alliance, Toledo, vs. Lisa Elrod, Wauseon, other civil.

Flagstar Bank, Troy Mich., vs. Allison R. Bauer, Delta, foreclosure.

Helen L. McCauley, Swanton, vs. Genesis Healthcare Corp., Harrisburg, Pa., other civil.

PNC Bank, Miamisburg, Ohio, vs. Thomas A. Ramey, Delta, foreclosure.

Western District Court

Joshua L. Johnson, , Archbold, speed, $125.

Joy D. Norris, Delta, speed, $125.

Gabrielle M. Hall, Wauseon, speed, $125.

Jean A. Miller, Fayette, speed, $135.

Susan K. Henry, Archbold, speed, $135.

Laura S. Morr, Bryan, speed, $125.

Timothy C. Crowley Jr. Holland, Ohio, speed, $188.

Michael J. Heier, Wauseon, failure to control, $190.

Paige E. Rains, Wauseon, speed, $125.

Jeremy R. Zachrich, Napoleon, safety belt, $81.

Madison J. Bressler, Toledo, speed, $125.

Madalyn S. Barajas, Wauseon, expired plates, $125.

Christian L. Baez-Santos, Archbold, speed, $125.

Ryan E. Garcia, Holland, Ohio, failure to control, $190.

Angela A. Helberg, Archbold, safety belt, $81.

Benjamin P. Glassford, Grand Rapids, safety belt, $81.

Emily T. Lafountain, Metamora, speed, $125.

Shaun Ian Nikolaus Conley, Toledo, speed, $125.

Anthony F. Cowell, Rossford, Ohio, speed, $125.

Martin Suarez Jr., Wauseon, underage drinking, $447 plus costs, underage consumption program and recommended aftercare, no violations of law until Feb. 14, 2019.

Troy L. Reynolds, Fayette, display of plates, suspended license, $277 plus costs, clear license in 30 days, no violations of law until Feb. 17, 2022.

Zachary Ordway, Fayette, reasonable control, $125.

Marriage Licenses

William E. Pursel, 49, Wauseon, retired, and Jamie L. Drzewiecki, 44, Wauseon, logistics.

Jerod R. Yedica, 27, Archbold, restaurant, and Jennifer A. Hancock, 32, Archbold, unemployed.

Wayne D. Dobson, 51, Archbold, heavy equipment operator, and Susan L. Page, 59, Archbold, administrative assistant.

Kailen R. Starkweather, 26, Wauseon, self-employed, and Courtney Starkweather, 26, Wauseon, sales.

John A. Caldwell, 48, Swanton, locomotive engineer, and Shannon D. Knott, 45, Swanton, dental assistant.

Real Estate Transfers

Claud C. Woodring to Corey N. Meiring, 410 Swanton St. Metamora, $96,000.

Roach Enterprises Ltd. to Malachi and Aleigha Tipping, 2105 Redbud Lane, Delta, $110,000.

Teresa S. Benno, trustee successor, to Dexter J. Rupp, 4613 State Highway 66, Archbold, $328,350.

David B. Spiess and Gail A. Elton, trustees, to John F. III and Rebecca Schermond, 6320 State Highway 109, Delta, $173,000.

Kim Plassman to Blanca S. Calero and Robert Morales, 249 Detroit Ave., Wauseon, $10,000.

Zakary and Kelsey M. Newman to Jayson C. and Holly L. Page, 308 E. Superior St., Wauseon, $134,000.

Heather Cuff to Colton Walker, 306 W. Main St., Fayette, $70,000.

Jeffrey A. and Michelle Herr to Matthew S. and Lindsay M. Mossing, County Road T, Metamora, $47,000.

Riley Tractor Parts Inc. to RTP Holdings LLC, 540 W. Linfoot St., Wauseon, $210,000.

Kenneth Nagel to Kenneth Nagel, County Road L, Wauseon, $7,000.

Brian L. and Kristin M. Short to Damiann Mahlman and Gabriel Jaramillo, 273 Main St., Pettisville, $130,000.