Local students earn honors

Northwest State Community College

ARCHBOLD – The administration of Northwest State Community College has released their most recent Dean’s List for both part- and full-time students. This select group of students have taken at least 12 credit hours as a full-time student, or 6-11.99 as a part-time student and have averaged above a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale. For those students who earned all A’s, their name is noted with an asterisk.

Archbold: Richelle Avers, PT; Butch Blanknship*, PT; Anthony Cotterman*, PT; Stephen Delaney*, PT; Hannah Gerig, PT; Jolie Heberling, PT; Phyllis Helms*, PT; Valentina Huerta*, PT; Stefan Miller, PT; Christy Miller*, PT; Kinsey Smith*, PT and Mondesi Walters*, PT.

Delta: Amanda Dixon*, PT; James Emahiser, PT; Teresita Gutierrez*, PT; Jeff Hall, PT; Dan Johnson*, PT; Shannon McVey-Zimmerman, PT and Micah Peterson, PT.

Fayette: Genna Biddix*, PT; Damiann Mahlman*, PT and Amy Shaffer*, PT.

Swanton: Kadee Foote*, PT and Mariska Taylor*, PT.

Wauseon: Brendon Creps*, PT; James Fox*, PT; Chelsea Gunther*, PT; Sabrina Haas, PT; Patricia Lillich*, PT; Vania Saldias, PT; Chelsea Yeager, PT; Bree Youse, PT; Francis Ziehm II*, PT and Lesley Zimmerman, PT.