‘Together with Farmers’ ads launch Farm Bureau membership campaign

COLUMBUS – Problems get solved when people work with each other. That’s the belief behind Ohio Farm Bureau’s new membership campaign, Together with Farmers.

Farm Bureau’s beliefs, as featured in the campaign, are centered on quality food grown in Ohio, clean air and water, farmland preservation and opportunities for the next generation. Ohioans who share these values have a place in Farm Bureau, and Farm Bureau members are calling on Ohioans from throughout the farm and food community to consider joining this cause.

Membership is open to farmers and anyone whose profession is directly impacted by the health of Ohio agriculture, and to anyone interested in local foods, landowner rights and preserving Ohio’s agricultural heritage.

Through membership participation in Farm Bureau, people cooperate to create common sense public policy, boost local economies, ensure food safety, provide family security, develop young leaders, support charitable works and protect the environment while enhancing food production.

Locally, Farm Bureau members across the state are asking like-minded Ohioans to become part of this effort. The grassroots membership campaign focuses on current members making visits, placing phone calls and reaching out to their communities.

“This one-on-one membership work is vital to the success of our organization,” said Paul Lyons, senior director of membership for Ohio Farm Bureau. “We really appreciate the work of our members.”

Lyons noted that last year a record eight Farm Bureau members won the Murray Lincoln award for signing 50 or more new members and 121 won the Ambassador award for signing at least 10 new members.

This year, the volunteer effort is being supported by a television campaign, radio commercials and outreach across social media and other digital channels.

“For nearly 100 years, farm families have helped themselves by helping each other through Farm Bureau,” said Lyons. “We’re excited to be inviting friends and associates who share our values to become a part of our great work. We can get a lot done, together, with farmers.”

To learn more about Farm Bureau’s beliefs and mission and to join the community, visit TogetherWithFarmers.org or call a local, county Farm Bureau office.