Archbold High School

Critical dishwasher violation corrected.

Archbold Main Stop

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Build-up of dust and slight grease on fryer vents.


Critical: None.

Non-critical: Pitchers of tea stored with no protective cover; walk-in cooler light shield protective cover cracked and peeling.

Marco’s Pizza

Critical: Sponges in handwash sink.

Non-critical: Slight build-up of debris under walk-in cooler racks.

No violations: El Meson del Taco, Powder Coating Plus X (vending machines).


Marcos Pizza

Critical: Bottle of sanitizing solution not labeled.

Non-critical: None.

No violations: Lassus Handy Dandy, Worthington Steel (vending machines), Fraternal Order of Eagles.


Fayette Supermarket

Critical: Pizza not at proper temperature; deli salads past expiration date.

Non-critical: None.

No violations: Cra-Z-Art, Freddie’s Place Bar & Grille.


Traci’s Cozy Corner Cafe

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Grease and residue build-up behind fryer, on grease trap, and around hand wash sink.

Corks Winery

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial equipment.

No violations: K’s Fine Food & Drink, Village Mart & Carryout, Vikings Pizzeria.


St. Mary’s Meats

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Damaged floor coverings; missing grout in processing area; Dumpster located on gravel, not hard surface; light bulbs in meat slicer and kitchen areas not shielded.

The Wings Station

Critical: Unlabeled bottles of table cleaner.

Non-critical: Build-up of debris on floor inside walk-in coolers, under prep tables, in mop closet, and near back door; lids to Dumpters and waste grease receptacles open; accumulation of ice build-up in walk-in freezer.

No violations: Swanton Drug, Toledo ‘76, Pisanello’s Pizza.


Azteca Mexican Store/Restaurant

Critical: Person in charge unable to attend Level One food training.

Non-critical: Meat cooling at room temperature; non-commercial equipment.

American Legion #265

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial equipment.

Circle K, N. Fulton Street

Critical: Handwash sink full of cans and inaccessible.

Non-critical: Debris build-up inside cappuccino machines, inside area of F’real machine, and on sneeze guard for hot dog rollers.

Shell Courtview Mart

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Residue build-up inside cappuccino machine; dust in pizza oven grate and other vents in food area.

Taco Bell

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Cracked/damaged food storage containers holding tortilla chips; bare wall and damaged wall covering in dining room; significant food debris under equipment, inside bottoms of food storage containers and equipment.

Marco’s Pizza

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Dust build-up on kitchen air vents.

Fortune Kitchen

Critical: Raw chicken placed back in shipping box, and boxes and food containers reused for food storage; milk stored in ice machine.

Non-critical: Food build-up and residue under rice bags in dry storage area.

Cosmos of Wauseon

Critical: None.

Non-critical: No thermometers in small salad prep and upright salad refrigerators; food build-up on gaskets to drawers below grill area; floor around dishwasher in disrepair, and broken tiles; lights need replacing in walk-in cooler; build-up of debris under kitchen equipment.

Burger King

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Food debris along top of drawer in kitchen area, debris on rack below bun warmer, residue on fryer buttons; dust build-up on ceiling vents in kitchen area.

No violations: Subway, Wauseon Middle School, Kinetico (vending machines), Proteam Nutrition, The Brown Bag Market, Skye Cinema, Holiday Inn Express & Suites.