Courthouse News

Common Pleas Court

Vanderbilt Mortgage, Maryville, Tenn., vs. Mario Garza, Archbold, other civil.

New York Mellon Trust Co., Coppell, Texas, vs. Dennis Driver, Archbold, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank, Columbus, vs. Jeffery W. Fahrer, Delta, foreclosure.

Midland Funding LLC, San Diego, Calif., vs. Lori Burghardt, Metamora, other civil.

Midland Funding LLC, San Diego, Calif., vs. Paulino Garza, Delta, other civil.

Julie Thorpe, Bryan, vs. Fayette Local Board, Fayette, other civil.

Jacob Thatcher, Archbold, vs. Brittany Thatcher, Archbold, dissolution of marriage with children.

Midwest Bank, Oklahoma City, Okla., vs. Mitchell D. Schoonover, Edgerton, Ohio, foreclosure.

Western District Court

Cyrus L. Watson, Wauseon, expired registration, $125.

Taylor Richards, Archbold, failure to stop at sign, $125.

Jacob M. Fleischmann, Wauseon, safety belt, $81.

Shady H. Zorygat, Toledo, speed, $125.

Paige E. Martin, Archbold, speed, $190.

David E. Baranowski, Lyons, safety belt, $81.

James A. Fitch, Wauseon, expired registration, $125.

Robert S. Gilbert, Delta, failure to yield, $190.

Ruben Rodriguez, Fayette, failure to stop at sign, $125.

Salvador Sanchez, Wauseon, speed, $135.

Donna R. Johnson, Wauseon, attempted assault, $339.50, mental health assessment and aftercare, anger management, one year reportable probation, 10 days in jail, no possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs for one year, no violations of law until Nov. 29, 2018.

Roy R. Rodriguez, Wauseon, speed, $108.

Richard L. Aker, Wauseon, suspended license, use of high-beam headlights, $267.

Ruben J. Kunkle, Fayette, speed, suspended license, safety belt, furnishing false information, $684, license suspension 90 days with limited privileges, three days jail, no violation of law until Nov. 29, 2019.

Shannon A. Ross, Lyons, school bus violation, $163.

Anthony Ramirez, Cleveland, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, $282.

Ricardo V. Villalobos, Wauseon, no driver’s license, $338.

Andrew D. Ball, Archbold, operating vehicle while intoxicated, $652, Driver’s Intervention Program, license suspended 180 days with limited privileges, no violations of law until Nov. 15, 2019.

Matthew Turner, Fayette, failure to register dog, $103.

Kristin Turner, Fayette, failure to confine dog, $214.

Credit Acceptance Corp., Columbus, vs. Jacob A. West, judgment for $2,399.64

Community Hospital and Wellness Center, Bryan, vs. Samuel D. Lerma, Archbold, judgment for $530.61.

Matthew R. Maley DDS, Toledo, vs. Auneta Herr, Wauseon, judgment for $369.20.

Samaritan Emergency, Traverse City, Mich., vs. John J. Sturgeon, Fayette, judgment for $673.

Marriage Licenses

Reid A. Rohrbacher, 22, Leo, Ind., student, and Mindy Sue Rupp, 22, South Bend, Ind., catering supervisor.

Cameron A. Jacobs, 27, Wauseon, associate, and Faith K. Cook, 25, Wauseon, assembly.

Real Estate Transfers

Kathleen Nafziger and Mary Cramer to Amy L. Craft, 9530 County Road A, Liberty Center, $87,000.

Tyson L. and Chelsi N. Snider to Matthew D. Stoner, 209 Rosewood Court, Archbold, $122,000.

Patricia Rhoades to John F. Miller IV, 3595 County Road 2, Swanton, $151,000.

Robert E. Brazier to Casey M. and Paige E. Elson, 424 N. Brunell St., Wauseon, $157,000.

Robert A. Sr. and Janette H. Yano, trustees, to Andrew W. Vivian, 18118 U.S. 20, Fayette, $266,000.

Dale Slusarski to MLH Real Estate Holdings LLC, 125 Maple St., Metamora, $15,000.

Brian Banister and Chad S. Banister to Wauseon House Co. LLC, 1354 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $96,500.

U.S. Bank and Trust, trustee, to Dennis T. and Teresa E. Collins, 209 E. Williams St., Archbold, $84,000.

Bobby R. and Patricia A. Slagle to Kevin J. and Catherine M. Olszewski, 10645 County Road L, Delta, $135,000.

Ronnie L. Wells to Christopher A. Radabaugh, 763 Fairway Lane, Wauseon, $135,000.

David W. and Karla E. Rison to John M. Couperthwaite, 107 Washington St., Delta, $51,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Randall E. Eyre, 508 Locust St., Delta, $28,514.