Health dept. stresses indoor air quality

Staff Report

The Fulton County Health Department is working to educate area residents on the importance of healthy indoor atmospheres.

The quality of the air in your home can impact your health or the health of the people you live with. Most people are aware that outdoor air pollution can significantly affect people’s health, but studies show that levels of air pollutants indoors may be much greater than outdoors. Indoor air quality can be a real concern because people spend so much of their time indoors. Some problems such as allergies or asthma can show up immediately, while other issues, such as breathing complications or cancer, may not show up for several years.

Many factors affect the quality of the air inside your home. Some of these factors are smoking indoors or smoke drifting in from outdoors, insects, poor ventilation systems, radon, carbon monoxide, excess moisture or mold in the home, or the use of household cleaning and maintenance products.

Air quality in your home can be improved by addressing these factors, according to the health department. Department officials offer advice such as don’t smoke indoors, or anywhere near an entrance to a home. Circulate fresh, outdoor air through your home every day to remove stale air and move pollutants out. Replace or clean furnace and air filters when unclean. Keep excess moisture out of the home to prevent mold growth. Use safe cleaning products and always follow manufacturer’s instructions.

The Fulton County Health Department works in area communities to educate the public and promote healthy indoor atmospheres. The Health Department can arrange an indoor air quality assessment of homes to help occupants identify the potential causes of breathing problems, mold issues, allergy triggers and asthma issues.

If in need of additional information, contact the Health Department at (419) 337-0915 or by email at

Staff Report