Wauseon City Council votes to change payroll vendor

By Rachael Krisher - For the Expositor

At Monday evening’s Wauseon City Council meeting, council had a lengthy discussion regarding the city’s payroll vendor, a topic that had been tabled for later discussion at a meeting in December 2022. Currently the city utilizes CMI, but Mayor Huner reports that department heads and employees are “complaining” that the current system is “outdated”.

Council is considering three possible new options for a payroll vendor system: ADP, Paycore, and Paylocity. Councilor Heising explained that Paylocity has a lot of features that the city could utilize including “time sheets, training, and on boarding” and believes the system to be “user friendly”. Huner states she “really appreciates on boarding” features that would be available, saying “it’s really going to benefit” new employees.

Council also discussed that an updated system would decrease the number of hours the finance department has to spend entering payroll and the Fire and Police departments could utilize scheduling features through Paylocity.

Heising made the motion to change from the current CMI system to Paylocity, citing that the “Fire Chief and Police Chief are in favor of switching”. Council approved on a vote of 5-1 to approve moving forward with Paylocity as the new payroll system, with Councilor Chamberlin voting against the change.

Council approved the mayor’s appointments of the following people to various boards and commissions: Todd Myers to the Civil Service Commission; Brook Conrad to the Park Board; Sue Wines and Steve Brown to the Planning Commission; John Alexander and Rick Frey to the Tree Commission; Steve Schneider, Sarah Heising, and Mike Murry to the Charter Revision Commission; Russ Pauley and Randy Zeigler to the Zoning Board of Appeals; Keith Torbet to the Maumee Valley Planning Commission; and JD Schnitkey to the Pride and Preservation Board.

Council passed an emergency resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement for technical assistance for the revolving loan fund with Maumee Valley Planning Organization.

Council also passed on third reading a resolution authorizing the mayor to renew an agreement with Schonhardt & Associates for accounting services needed to handle the “gaap” accounting.


By Rachael Krisher

For the Expositor