Wauseon Council OKs native grass area at Homecoming Park

By Rachael Krisher - For the Expositor

During Monday evening’s meeting, Wauseon City Council discussed the recommendation from the Park Board to implement native grasslands in Homecoming Park.

Council President Scott Stiriz explained that the public works department would have less mowing to do if a section of the park became grasslands. Councilor Steve Schneider stated that he did “not think people will be in favor” of native grasslands in the entire park. He later said he was in favor a small area of native grasses.

Councilor Sarah Heising suggested “trying a smaller section” of the park and getting public feedback on this change. Heising also noted that although this would cut down on mowing, the public works department would have other maintenance to do to a native grassland including “weed maintenance and trash clean up”.

Mayor Kathy Huner said that the addition of a native grassland could “change the whole dynamic of the park.” After feedback and discussion, Council approved the recommendation for the native grassland area to be implemented in a small section of Homecoming Park.

Council also approved the Park Board’s recommendation to schedule for the Forestry Department to complete a tree risk assessment in Reighard Park.

They appointed Council President Stiriz, Councilor Shane Chamberlin, and Brett Kolb to the Volunteer Fire Fighter Dependent Board.

Also at the meeting, Council approved on emergency a resolution approving a wage increase for full-time non-union employees. Council also approved a recommendation from the Personnel Committee to increase the clerk’s pay 4%, in line with other employee wage increases that will occur in 2023.

Council passed an emergency ordinance to approve, adopt, and enact the 2022 replacement pages to the codified ordinances and to repeal any ordinances in conflict therewith.

Council approved on emergency an ordinance to make appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures of the city, during the fiscal year ending December 31, 2022.

Council passed on emergency a resolution revising Section 6, Paragraph B Of the City of Wauseon’s compensation plan to eliminate merit raises tied to annual evaluation scores.

Council passed on emergency a resolution revising Section 623.3(A)(1) Of the City of Wauseon local government manual.

Council passed on emergency a resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement for engineering services with JDI and TD Engineering.

Council approved for the director of finance to pay the city’s bills through the end of 2022 and pay all current bills as presented.


By Rachael Krisher

For the Expositor

Reach Rachael Krisher at [email protected]

Reach Rachael Krisher at [email protected]