Locals compete in FFA dairy events

The Milk Quality and Products and Dairy Cattle Judging FFA Events were recently held in Williams County.

The focus of the Milk Quality and Products CDE (Career Development Event) is on achievement of high quality raw milk, federal milk marketing orders and attributes of selected products of milk. The student takes a written test and then distinguishes milk quality and safe milking equipment. They also identify dairy by-products and determine real and unreal milk products.

District results are: 1st – Wauseon, 2nd – Ayersville, 3rd – Delta, 4th – Fairview, 5th – Archbold, 6th – Fayette, 7th – Holgate, 8th – Tinora, 9th – Edon and 10th was Evergreen.

Top individuals were – 1st – Zeph Siefker from Wauseon, 2nd – Asia Brubaker from Fairview, 3rd – Althea Spangler from Fairview, 4th – Cheyenne Williams from Ayersville and 5th – Daniel Hinojosa from Ayersville.

The Dairy Cattle Judging CDE is an educational activity designed as a practical method of teaching students to select quality dairy cattle. Students were challenged with pedigree evaluation, sire selection, linear evaluation, a written test, placing classes and writing class reasons.

Placing 1st was Patrick Henry, 2nd – Fairview, 3rd – Liberty Center, 4th – North Central, 5th – Edgerton, 6th – Delta, 7th – Evergreen, 8th – Archbold, 9th – West Unity, 10th – Wauseon

In the individual ratings 1st place went to Emma Zeedyk, Fairview, 2nd – Lani Rosebrook, Patrick Henry, 3rd – Adyn Herman, Edgerton, 4th – Makinzy King, North Central, 5th – Luke Bostelman, Patrick Henry, 6th – Noah Tietje, Patrick Henry, 7th – Madeline Bailey, Liberty Center, 8th – Hannah Kovar, Fayette, 9th – Ava Menzie, Patrick Henry, and 10th – Ian Rosebrook, Liberty Center.

CDE’s are an extension of the local agricultural education classroom and serve as an authentic application of the curriculum in which students are instructed. Through agricultural education and the FFA, amazing opportunities exist for FFA members. With over 300 careers in agriculture, food, fiber and natural resources, FFA members can look forward to unlimited success. They are future chemists, business owners, politicians, community leaders, veterinarians, farmers, and teachers. The skills obtained through FFA will serve a student for life.