Pettisville FFA has been active

Last April, Pettisville agriculture classes all packed trees during class for all of the first graders in the Fulton County area. The tree program is sponsored by the Fulton County Soil and Water program. The four classes all together packed 800 trees in total.

In late July, Pettisville FFA officers had their retreat at Rufenacht Chalet. The retreat consisted of talking about ideas for future meeting, playing teamwork games and having to work as a team in order to complete various projects.

We wrote down ideas on a poster board for each month along with writing down what either happens or happened in those months. On July 30, 2022 four FFA members helped at KennFeld Kids day at in Archbold. The task this year was having an obstacle course for kids to be able to drive pedal tractors through. Other groups helped KennFeld with a variety of fun things to do. There was gravity wagon basketball, power wheels racetrack, and lasso roping on plastic bull heads attached to straw bales. There were also food vendors at the kid’s day.

As we finished August, FFA members made different projects to exhibit at the Fulton County Fair. Those projects include communication boards, stools, welding panels, Integrated Pest Management posters and Glowforge designs made by ag students.

On Friday of fair, FFA and FFA Alumni members helped at the Pork Producers stand and Sunday members helped the Dairy Producers at the milkshake stand.

Results from the fair include over 50 members receiving A grades for their projects; Karter Zachrich having the Grand Champion Ewe Lamb; Cayden Jacoby having the Reserve Champion Ewe Lamb, Champion Yearling Ewe and Grand Champion Flock; and Delana Damman won the trophy for best Ag Communication project.

For recreation after school started, the September meeting was held at the Beck pond and games, fishing and swimming were enjoyed after the business meeting. Later in September, 12 members went to Defiance and played putt-putt together and ate pizza.

The Ag Business class of nine FFA members planned, prepared and served a meal for over 50 people at a Corn Genetics Event held by four seed companies. The event was a field day for other seed companies to select stock to create new varieties.

On Sept. 20, Pettisville Agronomy and Animal Systems class presented animal care and information to part of the county’s third graders at the Ag Fest held at Fulton County Fairgrounds. Animals include rabbits, sheep, chickens, an iguana, along with different feeds. The next day, 19 FFA members went to Farm Science Review located in London, Ohio to learn about new equipment and agricultural products, livestock trailers and other ag equipment, seeds, chemicals and natural resources.

Two members, both in the class of 2024, are National Finalist in Agriscience Fair and completed interviews to help determine the top 3 placings in the country. Ella Richer’s research project is in the category of Plant Systems and Delana Damman’s research was in the Foods Products and Processing

System category. Both will find out the final placing at the National FFA Convention the end of October. More details will come in a separate article.

By Karter Zachrich, Pettisville FFA Reporter