St. Richard announces honors

Honors for the third trimester of the 2014-15 school year have been announced for St. Richard School. They are as follows:

Second Grade, First Honors – Joecylyn Bradford, Benjamin Tufts, Logan Tunison, Gabriel Urban, and Maxwell Urban; Second Grade, Second Honors – Gavin Doerfler, Wyatt Gibbons, and Abigayle Kramer.

Third Grade, First Honors –Steven Cooper, Courtney Kennedy, and Luke Reinhard,; Third Grade, Second Honors – Johanna Abramczyk, Jude Gibbons, Cara Keaton, Gabriella Vargas, and Luke Wilson.

Fourth Grade, First Honors – Tanner Buck, Hayden Callicotte, Joseph Lathers, and Brayden Tunison; Fourth Grade, Second Honors – Hunter Urban.

Fifth Grade, First Honors – Natalie Borell, Aden Dzierzawski, Ashley Keaton, Carolina Vargas, and Wesley Young; Fifth Grade, Second Honors – September Bradford and Aaron Thomas.

Sixth Grade, Second Honors – Daniel Geise, Kayla Mekus, Avery Monahan, Kylie Walborn.

Seventh Grade, First Honors – Hannah Cook; Seventh Grade, Second Honors – Isaiah Kinkaid, Katheryn Lathers, and Maya Vargas.

Eighth Grade, First Honors – Adam Niese and Terrence Miller.

Principal’s Award (All E’s in Conduct and Effort): First Grade – Gabrielle Walborn and Makenzie Wilson; Second Grade – Jocelyn Bradford ; Third Grade – Johanna Abramczyk, Steven Cooper, Cara Keaton, Courtney Kennedy, and Luke Reinhard; Fourth Grade – Tanner Buck, Hayden Callicotte, Joseph Lathers, and Hunter Urban; Fifth Grade – Carolina Vargas

Perfect Attendance: Second Grade – Logan Tunison and Benjamin Tufts; Third Grade – Courtney Kennedy and Luke Reinhard; Fourth Grade – Tanner Buck and Hayden Callicotte; Fifth Grade – Natalie Borell and Wesley Young; Sixth Grade – Kylie Walborn; Eighth Grade – Adam Niese.