Super stresses mutual city, district support

Response to rumors of animosity

By Rachael Krisher - For the Expositor

Wauseon Schools Superintendent Troy Armstrong, along with newly hired Treasurer John Kahmann addressed the council at the meeting on Monday.

Armstrong said he wants to make a public statement to ensure the community that “the City of Wauseon supports the school, and the school supports the City of Wauseon.” Armstrong feels a public showing of unity is necessary after hearing rumors of animosity earlier in the year when Wauseon Schools was trying to pass a levy.

Mayor Kathy Huner agreed with Armstrong’s statements, saying that the “city and kids benefit” from schools and communities that support each other.

Director of Public Service Keith Torbet reported that sidewalks are being installed along the west side of Shoop Avenue, beginning at Linfoot Street, with plans to connect with the sidewalk by Dollar General. Torbet told the council that “Emmaus Lutheran Church has to OK” the sidewalk project because the sidewalk will be partially on their property to make the connection happen.

Torbet also reported that the Christmas star and sign that hang at the south end of Fulton Street are being redone, to be complete by the holiday season later this year. The Washington Street water line project and Brunell Street project are both on target to be complete within their allotted time frames later this month. Lastly, Torbet reported the parking lot behind the Chamber of Commerce Office was repaved and the city is just waiting for the contractors to paint parking space lines.

Councilwoman Sarah Heising made a recommendation on behalf of the Utility Committee that the city move forward with utilizing the tag system for trash services. Heising says that “still enough people are on board” for the tag system, after 866 people responded to the Google questionnaire that was put out on social media in September. The company that the city currently utilizes will continue to offer the tags at the same price of $1.30 per tag.

Fire Chief Phil Kessler reported that October is Fire Prevention Month, and the fire department will be in Wauseon, Pettisville, and New Horizon schools doing fire safety presentations.

Director of Finance Jamie Giguere reported income taxes are up 13% so far this year over 2021.

Triangular Processing has applied for a transfer of D5L liquor license from Sullivan Roth Holding Company LLC for 206 N. Fulton Street, The Table on Fulton, formerly Sully’s Bakery and Bistro.

Council passed the first reading of a resolution to identify the city fund into which grant proceeds for the Brunell Street rebuild will be deposited.

Council passed on final reading a resolution to amend Ordinance 2021-14 annual appropriation ordinance by authorizing the director of finance to increase or decrease certain line account appropriations within the various funds listed within the year of 2022.

Council also passed on final reading a resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the county auditor.
Response to rumors of animosity

By Rachael Krisher

For the Expositor