NSCC Board approves contract for president



The Northwest State Community College Board of Trustees approved a new contract for the president on Friday, Aug. 26. An Executive Session was held at the end of the meeting, and after the session, the Board approved a new contract for Dr. Todd Hernandez, which will run through June 30, 2027. The new agreement supersedes the original contract, which was set to expire June 30, 2024.

As part of the Board meeting, the College announced it has recently received $2.4 million from the state for basic renovations. The current capital project includes deferred maintenance and building renovations.

The Board voted to approve the College to locally administer the funds, and for other capital projects totaling under $4 million. The approval grants the College the ability to select consultants, prepare and approve contract documents, receive bids, and award contracts with respect to the capital project.

The Board also approved Dr. Ryan Hamilton (Dean of STEM), Colin Doolittle and Marianna Doolittle to travel to Austria in late September to present at the International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning. The team will present on a paper titled “Improving Secondary School Engineering Education Access in Rural Ohio.”

In other action, the Board:

· Approved the promotion of Michael Foreman to Acting Chief of Police.

· Approved the employment of Felicia Skeens to Associate Director-Financial Aid, Kara Flesher to Admissions Recruiter, James Smith to Training Coordinator-Electrical and Automation, Sean Burres to Faculty-Visual Communication Graphic Design, Rebekah Faber-Starr to Faculty-Natural Sciences (Chemistry), Deandra Travis to Faculty-Business Management & Economics, Treasure Sullivan to Executive Administrative Assistant-Vice President of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, and Tracy Campbell to part-time Regional Tech Prep Coordinator.

· Approved NSCC to locally administer capital projects under $4 million. See above for more information.

· Approved moving the October Board of Trustees meeting to Oct. 21, 2022.

· Approved miscellaneous employment contracts, and four resignations.