Sauder Village hosting Home School Days

Home school families from throughout the region are invited to attend Home School Days to be held Sept. 7-9 at Sauder Village. Connect your children to local history, receive discounted homeschool rates, explore the spectacular 1920s Main Street, and enjoy unique demonstrations and hands-on activities!

“Our historic interpreters and working craftsmen help bring history to life for students of all ages,” said Kim Krieger, Media Relations Manager at Sauder Village. “Home School Days are a great time for families to have fun in the past while learning something new about history, crafts, science, and more!”

As a special for Home School Days, home school families will receive discounted admission of only $8 per person for ages 6 and up, and $12 for a chaperone/parent (with one parent/teacher being free). Kids 5 and under are always free.

Throughout Home School Days a variety of STEM activities (science, technology, education, and math) have been planned for children to enjoy in addition to engaging opportunities to explore Ohio’s rich history from 1803 through the 1920s! The “Power Wranglers” STEM activities will highlight the historical ways people have harnessed power. As students explore, they will discover how technological design and engineering were used to make life easier for our pioneer ancestors. Other special activities will include slopping the pigs, milking the goat, “The Power of Sun” activities, historic cooking, and a craft/story time at Little Pioneers Homestead. Activities and demonstrations are subject to change.

The 1920s Main Street is sure to be a favorite stop for families. Guests can explore the Farmers and Merchants Bank, Schuck Jewelry Store, Stotzer Hardware, Elmira Depot, and the barbershop. The 1920s will come roaring to life as families take a peek at what’s playing on the big screen, buy sweet treats at the candy store, explore the grocery and clothing stores, visit the fire station, meet horses at the livery, and sip a chocolate malt at the soda fountain.

“Our 1920s Main Street is a fully immersive learning experience that teaches invaluable lessons about hard work, perseverance, and innovation – inspiring students of all ages to leave their mark on the world today,” Krieger added. “We offer home school families a place to laugh, learn, and connect while making history of their very own.”