Teen arrested after making bomb threat

BOWLING GREEN – A bomb threat received Sunday at the Wood County Juvenile Detention Center was unfounded and the Defiance teen who made the threat has been arrested on a probation violation.

The Bowling Green Police Division was alerted to the threat at the Dunbridge Road facility 6:42 p.m.

A JDC employee told police she had received a call at 6:35 p.m. from a person that said he was going to bomb the facility Monday. She said the suspect said nothing else and had immediately hung up the phone after the statement and a quick laugh, according to the police report.

When another employee called the number back, he got an automated message saying the caller could not be reached, which is common with apps such as TextNow.

A disclosure request was sent to TextNow, which is a mobile device application that allows the user to register to use a phone number for a period of time and discontinue use at the user’s discretion. A BGPD officer received an email that contained a Microsoft Excel sheet of information including the email associated with the number and a call log from the number with the IP address, according to the report.

Police dispatch looked up names similar to the username connected to the account with no luck, according to the report.

The IP address was traced to Defiance and Defiance police were contacted for information on the possible username.

Meanwhile, a protective sweep was done at the juvenile detention center and no immediate threats were detected.

BGPD officers were alerted that Defiance police had found a person matching the username and that it was a juvenile on probation.

A BGPD officer traveled to Defiance to make contact with the suspect, who turned out to be 13 years old. Before arriving, he learned the suspect has a cousin who is currently housed at JDC.

The teen, in the presence of his aunt, said he initially called to ask to talk to his cousin, though when no one responded, he made the threat to “bomb” the facility, then disconnected the call. He noted he quickly realized he made a mistake and debated calling them back to tell them the threat was not legitimate, though he did not call the facility again.

He was taken into custody by the Defiance County Sheriff’s Office for a probation violation and was transported to the Defiance County Juvenile Detention Center.