Courthouse News

Marriage Licenses

Alec Valencic, 24, Archbold, production supervisor, and Kennedy Wyse, 25, Archbold, supply coordinator.

Megan Welch, 38, Swanton, supervisor, and Andrew Schultz, 44, Swanton, IT.

Amy Scheirer, 44, Archbold, payroll/HR coordinator, and Zachary Cooper, 35, Archbold, forklift operator.

Real Estate Transfers

Scott Hibbard to Richard and Amber Wonderly, 350 West Dr., Wauseon, $250,000.

G&A Myers Holdings LLC to Ruthann D. Paxson, trustee, 14472 U.S. 20A, Wauseon, $275,000.

Michael and Nancy Bloom to Norbert and Robin Rausch, 116 Allen Dr., Swanton, $85,000.

Martha A. Whitinger to Timothy and Samantha Whitinger, 3920 County Road 11, Wauseon, $235,000.

Northwest Ohio Apartments, LLC to Glen Kunkle, 240 W. Oak St., Wauseon, $122,500.

Michael and Tina Wells to, LLC, Walnut St., Fayett, $270,000.

Kevin Snider to 2C Investments LLC, 18589 County Road T, Fayette, $300,000.

Austin Heize-Luce to Justin Mossing, 272 Maple St., Metamora, $134,900.

Barb Dauterman to Amanda and Jacob Welch, 1990 County Road 5, Delta, $205,000.

Lois A Childress (TOD) to K&J Properties of Swanton LLC, 909 E. MAin St., Delta, $250,000.

Cody Bradley to Kathryn and Michael Yates, 620 Woodside Dr., Wauseon, $324,500.

Keith Shidler to Afton Delles and Kimberly Marbais, 113 Sanderson Ave., Swanton, $145,000.

Andrew Dominique to Alexis Howell, 14743 State Route 120, Lyons, $110,000.

Eldon Schweinhagen to Robert Dominique, 602 S. Pleasant St., Archbold, $133,000.

FCP Realty Ltd., an Ohio LLC to Fulton County Procession Ltd., 7800 State Route 109, Delta, $20,000,000.

Intac Investment Group LLC to Steven and Kristen Chernenkoff, 415 Cherry St., Wauseon, $135,000.

Paul Wilson to Ryan Gorey, County Road 7, Delta, $140,000.

Richard Miller to Gary Stokes and Linda Drath, 507 Adrian St., Delta, $290,000.

Lawrence and Irene Rabe to Esmeralda Sauder, 16709 County Road D, Wauseon, $310,000.

Lynn and Suzanne Leitner to Terrance and Catherine Camp, 775 Pine St., Wauseon, $205,000.

Common Pleas Court

Brian A. Bernholtz, Delta, vs. Heidi L. Bernholtz, Berkey, termination of marriage without children.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, vs. Martin Sanchez II, Napoleon, other civil.

Robert J. Lagreca, Delta, vs. Anglia M. Lagreca, Delta, dissolution of marriage with children.

Promedica Flower Hospital, Toledo, vs. Jarrid D. Wyse, Metmora, other civil.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Coppell, Texas, vs. James R. Erdman, Wauseon, foreclosures.

Michelle Farbrother, Archbold, vs. Christopher Farbrother, Archbold, dissolution of marriage without children.

Kayla Stack, Delta, vs. Brian Stack, Wauseon, domestic violence.

Leslie Ames, Wauseon, vs. Jacob Ames, Garbill, Ind., termination of marriage with children.

Kellie Jaramillo, Wauseon, vs. Joseph Jaramillo, Swanton, dissolution of marriage without children.

Melissa A. Mesagna, Delta, vs. Frank J. Mesagna, Toledo, dissolution of marriage without children.