Delta Council passes first reading of marijuana ban ordinance; second readings on annexation

By Drew Stambaugh - [email protected]

Land included in the proposed Delta annexation south of County Road H.

Land included in the proposed Delta annexation south of County Road H.

Drew Stambaugh | AIM Media Midwest

The first reading of an ordinance banning medical marijuana was approved by Delta Village Council on Monday. Mayor Frank Wilton broke a 3-3 tie to pass the reading.

Upon final approval, the ordinance would prohibit the cultivation of marijuana, processing of medical marijuana, marijuana wholesalers, marijuana retailers, and marijuana dispensaries in the village.

Voting in favor of the ordinance were Mike Tanner, Art Thomas and Lynn Frank. Voting against the ordinance were Ashley Todd, Tony Dawson and Chad Johnson.

In the May primary, Delta voters were given the oppotunity to share their opinion on medical marijuana in the village. There were 346 people against it and 207 for. The vote was not to enanct an ordinance.

Council also passed the second reading of a pair of ordinances related to the proposed annexation of 541 acres of property into the village. The area is designated as the village’s 20-year growth area.

On U.S. 20A, the land included in the petition for annexation includes Nature Fresh Farms owned property west of their current buildings and another parcel that would take the annexation all the way to County Road 10. North of that a 40-acre parcel and a 75-acre parcel with frontage on County Road H are included.

Land north of County Road H and south of the Turnpike is also included.

South of U.S 20A, adjacent to the railroad track, there is a 111-acre parcel that is part of the annexation petition. A neighboring 50-acre parcel is also included.

Third readings would have to be passed as emergency ordinances to meet a deadline.

Fulton County Commissioners have set July 21 as a hearing date for the annexation.

Administrator Brad Peebles also updated Council on a water tower leak. The village retained the services of Titan Mechanical, who was already working at North Star.

“They have actually done some testing and are prepared to repair the stand pipe,” said Peebles. “We anticipate those repairs to be done by the end of business Wednesday of this week.”

Immediately after that Dixon Engineering is doing an overall review and testing of the rest of the tank on County Road 10. A report will be prepared on the condition of the tank.

“The testing is something we needed to do anyhow, it’s just unfortunate but fortunate the timing is such, because the tank is down we can take advantage of that to have them perform the inspection and the repair reports instead of having to take it down a second time,” said Peebles.

An approximately 14 foot section of pipe needs to be replaced. It is directly related to moisture and condensation due to insulation. There is a new type of insulation that will now be used, which is designed to ease that problem.

“Very premature that this happened. That tank being 25 years old,” Peebles said. He said early estimates put the repair cost at about $25,000.

Park planning also continues. Surveys will be sent out to village residents to get their thoughts.

Peebles also told Council the guardrail on Main Street is sinking, near the area where W. Main Street rejoins Main Street. The banks of Bad Creek appear to be sliding, according to Peebles.

“If we don’t address this in very short order I am very concerned we’re going to begin to see damage to Airport Highway,” Peebles said.

The options to remedy the issue are not yet known. The village has contacted Fulton County for assistance.

Land included in the proposed Delta annexation south of County Road H. included in the proposed Delta annexation south of County Road H. Drew Stambaugh | AIM Media Midwest

By Drew Stambaugh

[email protected]