Courthouse News

Marriage Licenses

Jessica S. Hogue, 31, Wauseon, operator, and Andrew D. Fee, 35, Wauseon, factory.

Mackenzie L. Shindorf, 33, Wauseon, physician, and Justin K. Rippke, 31, Denver, nurse.

Victoria I. Reyes, 22, Delta, nurse, and Austen R. Smith, 27, Delta, arborist.

Avery P. Giguere, 21, Wauseon, VP of sales and marketing, and Elliot C. Schneider, 21, Delta, substitute teacher.

Delaney R. O’Rourke, 25, Carleton, Mich., and Justin D. Brewer, 27, Carleton, Mich., mail carrier.

Aubrey R. Maneval, 29, Swanton, correction’s officer, and Codie J. Billick, 30, Swanton, manager.

Jacob P. Seiler, 23, Wauseon, engineer, and Amanda M. Barnes, 23, Liberty Center, student.

Justin C. Flory, 25, Wauseon, engineering manager, and Mallory J. Reeves 27, Wauseon, nurse.

Brittany A. Bailey, 29, Monroe, Mich., medical assistant, and Tad A. Burkey, 30, Monroe, Mich., HVAC technician.

Jonathan R. Roeder, 32, Fayette, fork lift operator, and Lacey A. Swain, 28, Fayette, mom.

Michael D. Evans, 34, Archbold, financial officer, and Madalyn J. Smith, 24, Archbold, training administrator.

Brittany E. Weltlin, 25, Delta, painter, and Timothy A. Bailey Jr., 26, Delta, unemployed.

John A. Smith Jr., 36, Delta, self employed, and Lillie J. McCullough, 30, Delta, nursing assistant.

Real Estate Transfers

Winameg Custom Homes, Inc. to Rebecca L. Creps, 308 Hidden Ridge Dr., Delta, $120,500.

Tondra Poston to Kayanne Sharp trustee, County Road M, Fayette, $135,000.

Julia Lisak to Joliat Farms LLC 506 Vine St., Archbold, $132,000.

Common Pleas Court

Jennifer A. Rybak, Swanton, vs. Jeremy D. Rybak, Wauseon, termination of marriage with children.

Alison M. Andres, Delta, vs. Logan S. Andres, Delta, dissolution of marriage with children.

Jessica M. Nofziger, Morenci, vs. Jacob A. Nofziger, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage with children.

Dora Cortes, Wauseon, vs. Jorge Cortes, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage without children.

Janice Wade, Grand Rapids, Ohio, vs. Yusuf A. Mohamud, Toledo, other civil.

Goldman Sachs Bank USA, C/O Zwicker % Associates, Independence, Ohio, vs. Michael Woodruff, Archbold, other civil.