Second oversized load heading through area

The second in a series of oversized loads headed for North Star BlueScope Steel is slated to head through the area

The oversized loads are related to movement of large tanks from Toledo to Messer Gas inside the North Star BlueScope Steel property. This will lead to travel disruptions in the area.

It will consist of five loads, lasting through June 4. Loads will travel 15 mph. Each load will produce road closures as it progresses through the permitted route. Ohio State Highway Patrol will be present with each load.

The second oversized load traveled through Toledo Tuesday stopping in the city. There was no travel Wednesday. It should head toward Fulton County Thursday with the travel continuing on Friday.

Loads will travel Airport Highway (State Route 2) until turning north on County Road 5-2. They will continue on 5-2 before heading west on County Road H. They will continue west before turning south on State Route 109 and travel to State Route 2/US20A, turning west traveling to Township Road 10, where they will head south to North Star BlueScope Steel.