Oil spill reported in Swanton creek

Staff Report

An oil spill was reported last month in a Swanton creek. Fulton County EMA reported a petroleum sheen in Ai Creek near Dodge Street (County Road H) and Cherry Street in Swanton to the Ohio EPA on March 18.

The local fire department placed absorbent booms in the creek and began working to locate the source. Ohio EPA went to the location to assess the impact, install additional spill containment, trace and stop the source of the spill, and work with the responsible party on the cleanup.

About 80 gallons of hydraulic oil from an oil/water separator had spilled and flowed to the creek, according to Dina Pierce, Ohio EPA media coordinator. The source was tracked to Scottdell Cushion LLC located at 400 Church St.

The company hired an environmental cleanup company, which vacuumed liquid waste out of the catch basin, managed and recovered the material that affected the storm sewer and creek, according to Pierce.

The company was issued a notice of violation. Ohio EPA will conduct an inspection of the facility to ensure there are no other issues related to the company’s wastewater discharge.

Staff Report