Courthouse News

Real estate transfers

William and Shirley Sigg to Brandon Burkhart, 12460 County Road C, Wauseon, $215,000.

Carolyn Switzer to Craig and Alena Grieser trustees, 431 Clover Lane, Archbold, $135,000.

Gary Beaverson to Zachary Geis, 205 S. Cherry St., Fayette, $66,000.

R & P Investments Inc. to Winkle Realty LLC, 2015 S. Defiance St., Archbold, $550,000.

Joel Link to Jana Armstrong, 4622 County Road 19, Wauseon, $210,500.

Jay Bohnett to Carrie Nafziger, 216 Meadow Road, Archbold, $151,300.

Keith and Jerri O’Brien to Maddison Mack, 140 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $160,000.

Rickie and Kay Dohm to Timothy and Jeannie Bonn, 3720 County Road EF, Swanton, $535,000.

Brent Shull, trustee to Lolita Dehnbostel, trustee, 701 Burr Road, $155,000.