Wauseon Council holds public hearing on Seneca Drive TIF

By Krista Anderson - [email protected]

A public hearing was held during the Wauseon City Council meeting on Jan. 17 to answer any questions about the Seneca Drive Tax Incentive Ordinance. After the council meeting was called to order with the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silence, and roll-call taken; the public meeting commenced.

In order for the public hearing to begin, a motion must be made and seconded by two of the councilors. The motion was carried, the hearing started, and the floor was opened for anyone to ask questions about the TIF program.

The TIF (Tax Incentive Program) is set up to fund the infrastructure improvements that need to be made on the Seneca Drive property that is being developed to increase housing. The additional housing could help those looking to relocate to the area for employment purposes.

In a previous council meeting, a discussion was led by representatives from Wauseon Machine to increase the awareness of the council members that they are facing an increased need to fill vacant jobs. One of the issues that has come to their attention was the lack of housing. They were in favor of going forward with the TIF program to help alleviate this barrier.

Matt Gilroy, Director of the Fulton County Economic Development Corporation, stood at the podium in front of the council waiting to listen to any questions that might have been asked, however; no questions were asked. There were no interested parties present at the hearing. The public hearing was adjourned by the same process as it was opened.

The council meeting continued with the new business introduced as the Mayor Kathy Huner appointed the councilors to various boards and committees such as: Zoning Board of Appeals, Park Board, and the Tree Commision.

The old business consisted of Councilman Brandon Tijerina giving an account of the tour that the councilmen took to Wauseon’s police station and firehouse earlier that day. Councilman Tijerina gave a big thank you to the Police Chief Kevin Chittenden, and to the Fire Chief Richard Sluder, and their staff for giving the educational tour.

Council President Scott Stiriz said, “It was nice to see all the equipment because now Council knows what the departments are talking about if anything needs replaced.” The council continued to talk about how clean and new all the equipment appeared even though some of the fire trucks and equipment are older.

Mayor Huner ended the discussion by saying, “They do it all so well. They do a good job keeping it so clean that even if it is older it looks brand new.”


By Krista Anderson

[email protected]