Critical: None.

Non-critical: Dishes in handwash sink; slight residue under sink and in back storage area.

Dollar General

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Dust build-up around vent above food.

Ickey’s (follow-up)

Since last inspection, the following corrections were observed: hair restraints and gloves used; proper food date marking observed; tomatoes properly stored; outside smoker and basement grease filter removed. Cleaned areas include walk-in cooler ceiling and fan grate, utility sink floor area, meat slicer, ice machine area, dry storage room, downstairs bench, and upstairs cupboards. Areas requiring additional cleaning include under sinks in bar area, floor at beer coolers, wall and floor in front of dishwasher, meat slicer and floor behind, under plastic shelves in basement, behind ice machine, and along fryer.

No violations: Susie’s Lunch, Rite-Aid Pharmacy.


The Country Dip

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial equipment used.

No violations: Hot Dog Dude.


Recovery Services of Northwest Ohio

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial freezers in use.

No violations: Dollar General.


Downtown Sports Bar & Grill

Critical: None.

Non-critical: No hand wash sink behind bar.

No violations: WB Ranch.


Steve’s Carryout

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Non-commercial microwave used.

Shannon’s Backyard BBQ

Critical: Chemical sanitation concentration low.

Non-critical: None.

Tiny’s Dairy Barn

Critical: None.

Non-critical: Chipped counter on window; slight food debris and grease under fryer and equipment.

No violations: Head Start, Cruisers Drive-In, KFC/A&W, TLC Child Care, Dollar General, Kolb & Son.