Fulton County Health Dept. reports 6 new COVID deaths

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Here are the latest details on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the area:

• The Fulton County Health Department reported six new COVID deaths early this week. There were three deaths in the 70-79 age range, one person in their 50s, one in their 60s and one in the 80 or older age range.

Fulton County saw a sharp increase in new COVID cases early this week, with 208 reported on Monday and Tuesday.

There were 147 new cases reported by the Fulton County Health Department from Dec. 31 – Jan. 3 and 61 more new cases reported on Tuesday. This compares to 105 for those same days in the previous week.

The new cases were concentrated in the younger age groups. There were 46 among people in their 20s and 41 among people in their 30s.

There were just three new cases among those 80 and older, and seven among those in their 70s.

Three new hospitalizations were reported, for a total of 438.

The total number of cases reported in Fulton County is now 8,190. The median age of COVID cases is 43.

In the county, positive cases have included 4,422 females and 3,734 males.

• The health department also released last week’s statistics on Monday instead of the usual Friday due to the holiday.

For the week of Dec. 24-30 there were 184 new cases, 7 new hospitalizations and 5 new deaths reported. There were 220 active cases in Fulton County.

The case rate in Fulton County is also decidedly lower than the statewide rate. In Fulton County it was 735.9 per 100,000 people over the last two weeks, while it was 1,364.7 statewide.

Fulton County’s rate is 60th highest among the state’s 88 counties.

• The level of community transmission of coronavirus in Fulton County is listed as high by the Centers for Disease Control. The levels are low, moderate, substantial, then high.

All counties in Ohio and about 96% nationwide have high community transmission.

Indoor mask wearing is recommended in areas with substantial or high transmission.

More information on the CDC categories of community transmission risk can be found at covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#county-view.

• Free at-home COVID test kits are available at the Fulton County Health Department and public libraries in the county, although they are currently difficult to find.

Now, the health department is also offering non-proctored COVID-19 test kits. They cannot be used for officials purposes such as travel.

• In Fulton County, 51.17% of residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The age range with the highest percentage in the county is 70-74 years old at 91.79%, according to Ohio Department of Health data.

Among the 75-79 age group, 87.85% have been vaccinated, with 87% of residents 80 and older vaccinated, according to Ohio data.

Among younger Fulton County residents, 19% of those 19 and under are vaccinated and 41.5% of those in their 20s.

• COVID-19 vaccine is available Mondays at the FCHD from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. The last two hours are for kids ages 5-11.

Vaccine is also available at Rite Aid locations in Archbold, Swanton and Wauseon, the Wauseon Walmart, and Swanton Kroger.

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Staff Report