Couple honors memory of grandfather, local business leader with scholarships

Wauseon native Scott Roos, M.D. and his wife Janet Hendrickson, Ph.D., have established two endowed scholarship funds, each in the amount of $25,000, to support students enrolled in the programs they graduated from at The University of Toledo.

Roos earned a doctor of medicine from UT’s College of Medicine and Life Sciences in 2003, while Hendrickson received a juris doctor from the College of Law in 2002. She previously held a doctorate in inorganic chemistry from University of Colorado Boulder.

The couple decided several years ago to give back to the programs that educated them, but the contribution to the College of Law carries added significance. Like Hendrickson, Roos’ grandfather Harold Roos was a Toledo Law alumnus, attending night school before graduating in 1942. While he never practiced law directly, he used his training to serve clients and the community through the family business, the Grisier-Roos Insurance Agency.

“My grandfather was curious, he wanted to know how the legal system worked, and he liked to learn. He saw himself as a good citizen,” said Roos. “We decided to give because UToledo believed in Janet and me. That bet paid off, and it’s time to pay it forward for others.”

Hendrickson, a registered patent attorney for Stinson LLP whose practice focuses on the chemical industry, believes it is important to reinvest in the institutions that opened opportunities for her.

“Scott and I recognize that growing up in families where both our parents and all of our siblings have college degrees is not the experience of everyone,” said Hendrickson. “Our educations have been one of the most important endeavors of our lives and we want to extend that opportunity to a wider range of students.”

Both scholarships are designed to support students who have demonstrated financial need, have been educated in Ohio’s public high schools or universities and who add to social, economic and cultural diversity at UToledo.

“Scott and Janet’s gifts are special on several levels,” said D. Benjamin Barros, dean of UToledo’s College of Law. “In one act of generosity, they have expressed their gratitude for the opportunities they’ve enjoyed because of their educations, created an enduring resource to open doors for future generations, and honored the legacy of a loved one. We’re thankful they’ve entrusted us with such a special honor.”

The couple’s impact will be felt elsewhere on campus as well.

“Our students benefit tremendously from the generosity of our scholarship donors,” said Christopher Cooper, M.D., dean of UToledo’s College of Medicine and Life Sciences.

“Their financial support means our students can continue their studies without bearing the full weight of their educational expenses and can focus on becoming the next generation of physicians. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Roos and Dr. Hendrickson for their support.”