Ohio smashes record for new business creation

COLUMBUS — With a few weeks left in 2021, Ohio has already broken the state record for new business filings.

As of close of business on Nov. 21, 181,586 new businesses filings were submitted in the state of Ohio in 2021, breaking the record of 171,073 new businesses set throughout all of 2020.

“Entrepreneurs deserve all the credit – plain and simple,” said Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose. “They’re the ones putting in the long hours, building their product, providing the services, and most importantly – taking the big chances.”

Those looking to start a new business — whether it be a for-profit, non-profit, professional corporation, limited liability company, partnership, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership — should take advantage of quick-and-easy online filing through Ohio Business Central by visiting https://bsportal.ohiosos.gov/.

Filing as a business in Ohio does not guarantee the company will begin operations, be profitable, or create jobs. However, by visiting https://www.ohiosos.gov/businesses/business-resources/ entrepreneurs can discover helpful opportunities available to them that can help them start and grow their business.

“With great resolve, Ohioans have stood in the face of unpredictable headwinds and sent a loud and clear message to the nation – I want to do business in Ohio,” LaRose said.