Courthouse News

Common Pleas Court

Raelynn Norris, plaintiff, vs. Corey Norris, defendant, dissolution of marriage with children.

Nicole A. Bowditch, plaintiff, vs. Brad A. Bowditch, defendant, termination of marriage without children.

Brittany B. Tatkowski, plaintiff, vs. Dustin M. Tatkowski, defendant, dissolution of marriage without children.

OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC, plaintiff, vs. Christopher Masales, defendant, foreclosures.

Jo Beth Vantress, plaintiff, vs. Kimberly K. Beck, defendant, other civil.

Helen Eash, plaintiff, vs. Kenneth C. Gorsuch, defendant, other civil.

Devon Harris, plaintiff, vs. Logan Zahner, defendant, domestic violence.

Western District Court

Fredrick E. Brackman, Napoleon, space between moving vehicles, $190.

Kristeen N. Treadway, Huntington, Ark., failure to control, $190.

Jason Mansfield, Wauseon, expired registration, $125.

Daniel J. Hench, Wauseon, speed, $190.

Nancy K. Storrer, Archbold, right of way, $190.

Shane C. Benson, Wauseon, expired license, $125.

Noah W. Pelmear, Archbold, speed, $238.

Lizbethe Cruz, Archbold, speed, $188.

Johnny Edwards, Wauseon, unauthorized use of a vehicle, $374, 60 hours community service, Fulton County CBT Group program and recommended aftercare, no possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs for one year, no entering DB Downtown Billiards in Wauseon for one year, no contact with victim for one year, no violations of law until March 22, 2018.

Kelly J. Williams, Morenci, Mich., theft, $235.56, completion of theft program.

Heather J. Colon, Wauseon, suspended license, $252.

Derek T. Rohda, Archbold, suspended driver’s license, $243.

Debra Skates, Wauseon, disturbing the peace, $153.

Leandra M. Valadez, Archbold, expired registration, $113.

Shirley R. Hoot, Wauseon, failure to file sales tax return, $178.

Marcella Sturgeon, Fayette, failure to register dog, $103.

Harley R. Allport, Liberty Center, speed, $162.

Associated Eye Care, Toledo, vs. Russell Kelley, Archbold, judgment for $150.

Marriage Licenses

Sean A. Slane, 28, Fayette, machine operator, and Cassandra L. Phillips, 23, Fayette, assembly.

Clark O. Carroll, 32, Delta, general manager, and Mallory F. Diamond, 30, Delta, teacher.

Jeffrey M. Rashley, 35, Wauseon, U.S. Navy, and Michelle J. Novak, 37, Wauseon, homemaker.

Michael J. Cammack, 38, Wauseon, maintenance, and Suzanne M. Gebhart, 36, Wauseon, general laborer.

Real Estate Transfers

Charles J. and Kristin M. Weber to Daniel A. Oberhaus, 745 Hemlock St., Wauseon, $178,000.

Jeffrey A. and Sheryl H. Pember to Jeffrey and Annette E. Merillat, 11508 County Road 27-1, Fayette, $35,321.

Benjamin J. Grisier to David Mattocks, 13017 County Road 16, Wauseon, $120,000.

Jeremy M. Sparks to Dean A. Dunlap and Ashlyn Bontrager, 1378 County Road D, Swanton, $130,000.

Kelly D. Gleckler and Andrea O’Neil to John M. and Erika Schwind, 206 Lincoln St., Lyons, $116,000.

Christopher M. and Crystal R. Horn to Dustin J. and Tessa D. Tewksbury, 215 Degroff Ave., Archbold, $63,000.

Grace I. and Patrick R. Wyse, co-trustees, to Michael B. and Katie E. Whiteman, 203 Union St., Archbold, $82,500.

Chad Gustwiller to James C. and Jami M. Nathan, 1103 Lindau St., Archbold, $115,000.

Christina M. Boutwell to Bryce T. Bowes, 247 W. Main St., Delta, $93,000.

Joy C. McKarus and Scott W. Allen, co-trustees, to Huntington Dynamics LLC, 9705 County Road 8-1, Delta, $115,000.

Leo A. Hall and Brian J. and Sharon Kasten to Carolyn Fickel, 112 Crabapple Drive, Swanton, $200,000.

Dorosz and Drummer, Inc. to Hill Manufacturing, Inc., Chestnut Street, Wauseon, $70,000.

Deanna Miller to Christopher R. and Carrie A. Reeves, 9850 County Road 10-2, Delta, $154,500.

Bernadine M. Overmyer to Cory A. and Erin K. Sheller, 6803 County Road N, Delta, $150,000.

Emelie Dewit to Ripke Properties LLC, 17080 County Road A, Wauseon, $42,000.

Lea Turpening and Tonya M. Sallows to Jan Snyder and Tonya M. Sallows, County Road 6, Delta, $5,450.

Jan Snyder and Tonya M. Sallows to Jan Snyder, County Road 6, Delta, $5,450

Brian K. Challenger to Jonathan Reynolds, 828 Burr Road, Wauseon, $120,000.