Common Pleas Court

Premier Bank, Defiance, vs. Nicholas Baker, Lyons, other civil.

Beth A. Keeler, Swanton, vs. Christopher Keeler, Swanton, legal separation without children.

Christopher W. Smith, Swanton, vs. Jennifer R. Smith, Swanton, dissolution of marriage without children.

Rochelle R. Neal, Toledo, vs. PeopleReady Inc., Tacoma, Wash., workers compensation.

Discover Bank, New Albany, Ohio, vs. Jennifer Hogrefe, Delta, other civil.

Tonya Becker, Wauseon, vs. Rayburn Phillips, Wauseon, domestic violence.

Amerifirst Financial Corp., Kalamazoo, Mich., vs. Gregory L. Hahn Jr., Wauseon, foreclosures.

Progressive Speciality, Los Angeles, vs. Joseph Gryca, Sylvania, other civil.

Discover Bank, New Albany, Ohio, vs. Travis J. Wagner, Fayette, other civil.

Promedica Health System Inc., Toledo, vs. Ronald L. Replogle, Swanton, other civil.

Marriage Licenses

Brandi M. Brown, 30, Wauseon, beautician, and Devin R. Galbraith, 30, Wauseon, welder fabricator.

Brock A. Bates, 30, Delta, management, and Begum Gocmen, 30, Perrysburg, nurse practitioner.

Collin J. Vollmar, 24, Archbold, laborer, and Emily E. Trisel, 25, Archbold, athletic trainer.

Taryn L. Schmitz, 36, Delta, banking management, and Vincent J. Marino, 44, Delta, real estate agent.

Real Estate Transfers

Jason & Carrie Properties, LCC to Macs Convenience Stores, LLC, 107 N. Defiance St., Archbold, $555,000.

Ted & Sue Blohm to Michael J. Helbing, 4325 County Road B, Swanton, $164,900.

Edmund J. Pottinger and Tia Freshour to Steven and Robin Shadix, 118 Allen Dr., Swanton, $146,000.

Thomas Krause to Matthew & Jenna Fitch, 2671 County Road 6, Delta, $280,810.

BGRS Relocation, Inc. to Timothy J. and Laurie L. Reynolds, 14313 County Road D, Wauseon, $337,000.

Samuel E. and Angela T. Borck, to Cameron Tsolis, 101 Orchardview Dr., Swanton, $264,900.

Paul M. and Brandi A. Roberts to Antonio D. Torres, 609 Palmwood Ave., Delta, $134,000.

Sarah A. Friess to Masedonio and Julia M. Molina, 728 Fairway Dr., Wauseon, $75,000.

Betty Kern Graham, successor trustee to Ryan Gorey, County Road 7, Delta, $326,600.

Gregoria and Isabel M. Torres to Manuel M. and Diane Gante, 535 E. Linfoot St., Wauseon, $46,000.

C&C Brothers Investment, Inc. to Timothy and Sherry M. Wagler, 213 Wilson St., Archbold, $179,900.

Janet Dunson to Bobby R. Hutchins Jr., 13423 County Road 27, Fayette, $46,000.

Bobby R. Hutchins Jr., to Frederick D. and Dawn E. Stockburger, 13423 County Road 27, Fayette, $68,600.

PMN Camelot South MHP, LLC to Evergreen Camelot South MHP, 3402 State Route 109, Delta, $292,260.

Blue Ribbon Development LLC to Oakshade Dairy LLC, 507 and 509 Morenci St., Lyons, $386,000.

Daniel C. Cook to Douglas A. and Vickie Lynn Palmer, 623 Burr Road, Wauseon, $179,950.

Janet S. Damaline to Steven A. and Teresa Shelt, 608 Northwood Dr., Delta, $186,000.

Joy D. Norris to Beth A. and Michael R. Baun, 7850 County Road 7-2, Delta, $234,000.