Three vie for two spots on Fayette School Board




Three candidates are running for two sports on the Fayette Board of Education. On the ballot are Jennifer K. Wagner, Terry Kovar and Mathew U. Johnson.

Name: Terry Kovar

Family: Married to Jean; sons Matt and Ben, daughters Sarah and Hannah

Age: 61

Education: BS in Industrial Engineering, The University of Toledo Engineering School

Civic Organizations: Active in 4-H, Country Club 4-H chapter, Parent Support Group 2023, Fulton County Fair Livestock Sale Committee, 4-H Advisory Council; past Vice-President and President of Parish Council for Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church in Fayette; past Vice-President and current President of the Fayette Local Schools Board of Education.

1. Why are you running for political office?

I have been involved for many years trying to share my training, skills and values in order to help various organizations and individuals. Serving in these capacities as well as the school board for 12 years has been both challenging and satisfying, with the goal being to aid and improve community members and the community at large. I believe in helping everyone to achieve their best performance without negative impact to others. Plus I truly enjoy the involvement with the students and staff.

2. Why should people vote for you?

Specifically regarding the school board, the results and current status of the district are healthy. Financially we are in a good position both currently and for the forecast future, and metrics for educating students for preparedness in college or directly in the employment field are good. I believe my involvement has been a positive influence in the overall picture of the district. I currently have children attending school in the district and continue to have direct engagement with daily school activities and happenings.

3. What are your two main goals if elected?

1) Continuing to educate, develop and graduate students who will be valuable citizens in whatever community they belong, and 2) keeping the district sound both from an educational and financial standpoint in the most efficient and cost effective manner without over-burdening the community.

4. Have you held office before?

As stated previously, I have been on the School Board for 2 terms (8 years), then after a break have been on for 1 more term (4 years) more which I am presently serving. I am currently President and was Vice-President prior to this.

5. Do you have anything else to add.

I would like to thank the community for allowing me to be part of the school board in the past and look forward to an on-going partnership in the future in whatever capacity that may ultimately be. I am a proud parent and supporter of all the kids at Fayette and welcome the opportunity to continue serving on the school board.

Name: Jennifer K. Wagner

Family: Married to Chad. Two sons, Tanner and Hayden.

Age: 41

Education: Morenci High School grad, two years at Siena Heights University.

Civic organizations: Member of Fayette Nazarene Church, past Fayette Park Board member, member of Normal Memorial Library Board, youth sports coach.

1. Why are you running for political office?

I’ve always been interested in running for school board. I’m very active as a volunteer within the school now and I’m looking to get more involved. The kids now are our future leaders, We need to give the the tools for the future!

2. Why should people vote for you?

I’m honest and I face issues head on. I’m not afraid to ask hard questions for the right reason. There is always room for improvement and we have to keep striving for excellence for our youth. Our future!

3. What are your two main goals if elected?

I’m really not coming into this with an agenda. I’m wanting to be more active within the school and keep Fayette moving in the right direction in the future.

4. Have you held office before? If so, please provide details


5. Do you have anything else to add?

No. Thank you.

A questionnaire was not returned by Mathew Johnson.