Three run for York Twp. Trustee

Three people, including two incumbents, are vying for two York Township Trustee seats on Nov. 2. Competing are Robert Trowbridge, Kevin Vandock, and Jeff Mazurowski.

Name: Robert (Bob) Trowbridge

Family: Wife of 40 years, Amy; two daughters, Samantha and Trena; two granddaughters, Danica and Riley

Age: 63

Education: Graduate, Pike-Delta-York High School, graduate, Ohio Township Leadership Academy

Civic Organizations: Trustee Chairman at Zion United Methodist Church; member, Fulton County Township Association; Board of Directors, Ohio Township Association: Chairman, Public Relations Committee; Policy Committee; Fulton County Zoning Variance Committee; Chairman, Fulton County EMS Executive Committee; Member, Fulton County Farm Bureau, American and Ohio Angus Association.

1. Why are you running for political office?

To continue to serve the residents of York Township to the best of my ability. Also to continue building strong working relationships with local and state entities to keep up on state and local laws that directly affect the township.

2. Why should people vote for you?

Being a lifelong resident and successful farmer of York Township, I feel I have the knowledge to keep York Township a great place to live. I understand the importance of keeping a balanced budget and spending tax dollars wisely. I am open to listening to residents’ concerns, and try to go above and beyond to work on a sensible solution.

3. What are your two main goals if elected?

To keep our roads, cemeteries and parks in top level condition, and continue the great fire and EMS service provided by the Delta Community Fire Department.

4. Have you held office before?

I have been a York Township trustee for the last 12 years. I also serve on the Board of Directors for the Ohio Township Association for the last eight years.

5. Do you have anything else to add?

Being self-employed gives me the time and dedication to actively be available and serve the residents. I ask for your support to let me continue to keep York Township a great place to live.

Name: Kevin Vandock

Family: Wife, Vickie; two sons; four daughters.

Age: 67

Education: n/a

Civic Organizations: n/a

1. Why are you running for politicial office?

I feel that we could use some new people in there. Should be term limits.

2. Why should people vote for you?

York Township has been my home for 67 years. I worked for 40-plus years. I am a farmer, and I know drainage problems.

3. What are your two main goals if elected?

Improve road safety, and anything that the Delta Community Fire Department needs I will get for them.

4. Have you held office before?


5. Do you have anything else to add?

I have the time to do this because I am retired.

Name: Jeff Mazurowski

Family: Wife, Jennifer, married 24 years; daughter, Erin; sons, Nick, Jack

Age: 51

Education: Graduated from Pike-Delta-York schools in 1988; Bachelor’s degree from Defiance College, 1994; Master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Toledo, 2011

Civic organizations: n/a

1, Why are you running for political office?

Each time I have run for a political office, I have done so to help make my community a better place to work in and live. Whether it be passing a levy to ensure the the survival of the Delta Police Department during my time as a Delta Village Councilman, to fighting for tax abatements during my time as trustee, I have always felt the need to fight for things to protect our community.

2. Why should people vote for you?

People should vote for me because I am not a self-preservationist. I will not “Wait to fight another day” to avoid controversy or criticism. I will fight for what I believe is right for our community even if it is not popular with, or it ruffles the feathers of, my adversary. With this being said, I also believe in compromise and being a good neighbor with other communities.

3. What are your two main goals if elected?

Goal #1 – We are currently subcontracting our ALS Ambulance service with an outside company, which we have been doing for approximately 20 years. York Township is currently in the process of hiring in house paramedics and EMTs to run our station. We expect to be running independently by mid-2022. My first goal is to help make sure this transition is as smooth as possible.

Goal #2 – I would like to cultivate the relationship with the existing and new businesses that are choosing York Township as a home. Economic development is important, but we need to have neighbors in the business community that understand how important our small town rural life is to our citizens. These businesses have to be the right type to help us benefit economically, but also keep our rural identity.

4. Have you held office before? 2006-10 – Delta Public Library Board; 2010-14 – Delta Village Council; 2010-present – York Township trustee

5. Do you have anything else to add?

I would like to say that I have enjoyed serving this community in three different posts during my 15-year career in public service. I have always fought for what I thought was best for our citizens. I fought when I knew I was on the winning side of issues and fought even harder when I was on the losing side of them as well. I understand that being in public service is a privilege and not a right. When blessed with this privilege, there will be times when my voice or vote will not be popular with others. Even when there is a threat of losing this privilege, I must still vote for what I believe is best for my community.