Common Pleas Court

Connor C. Gray, Napoleon, vs. Jessica Gray, Wauseon, termination of marriage with children.

Leone S. Mattin, Swanton, vs. Killer Kitchens LLC, Trenton, Mich., other civil.

Lisa A. Charles, Holland, Ohio, Michael K. Charles, Swanton, dissolution of marriage without children.

Credit Adjustments Inc., Defiance, vs. Travis Smith, Fayette, other civil.

Emily R. Beck, Wauseon vs. Grant S. Schroeder, Wauseon, other civil, Dora Cortes, Wauseon, vs. Jose Cortes, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage without children.

Brittany S. Crow, Wauseon, vs. Maurice E. Mike, Denver, Colo., non-support of dependents.

Marriage Licenses

Shawn M. Masters, 27, Archbold, forklift driver, and Chelsey R. Buenger, 28, Archbold.

Tyler J. Gray, 30, Wauseon, cook, and Madison T. Thompson, 22, Wauseon, nurse.

Thomas W. Floering Jr., 37, Wauseon, shipper, and Dezirae M. Pruden, 33, Wauseon, dispatcher.

Matthew R. Todd, 31, Lyons, supervisor, and Lisa A. Mason, 25, Lyons, supervisor.

Dylan S. Gehring, 25, Wauseon, applicator, and Samantha N. Lauharn, 25, Wauseon, medical assistant.

Autumn R. Hardin, 38, Wauseon, laborer, and Vicki L. Tripp, Defiance, 45, tool and die maker.

Real Estate Transfers

Logan J. and Megan E. Griffith to Claw Holding Co. LLC, 109 Harrison St., Swanton, $109,900.

Barbara Irelan, successor trustee, to Terry and Patrick K. Shidler, 223 Hickory St., Wauseon, $120,000.

Lonnie and Jody Goins to Todd and Michelle Roberts, 8804 State Hwy. 64, Swanton, $103,000.

Comfordable Properties LLC to Joshua S. Prather and Jennifer A. Perez, 16396 County Road H, Wauseon, $199,000.

Paul D. and Abby L. Harmon to Shyann Johnson, 414 W. Park St., Wauseon, $179,500.

Patricia R. Gore to MaryElizabeth Thompson, 11865 County Road L, Wauseon, $250,000.

Jeffrey Hahn to Matthew Malone, 13979 State Hwy. 108, 15019 U.S. 20, Wauseon, $133,900.

Jose and Martha Flores to Jose M. Blanco-Arroyo and Patrick Blanco, 9640 State Hwy. 108, Wauseon, $30,000.

Ryder Truck Rental Inc. to VMT Holdings LLC, 1101 Lutz Road, Archbold, $1,250,000.

Janice K. and Rodney L. Carpenter to Jade Frederick, 207 West Street, Archbold, $85,000.

C&C Brothers Investment LLC to Richard K. and Melanie L. Nagel, co-trustees, 211 Wilson St., Archbold, $175,000.

Radcliffe Enterprises Ohio LLC to Barnes and Robertson Properties LLC, 15590 County Road 10-3, Lyons, $200,000.

Douglas W. and Cheryl M. Shaw to Brittany D. Frederick, 144 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $139,900.

Joanna G. Spiess to John Meeks, 421 W. Airport Hwy., Swanton, $149,900.