Fulton County reports 4 new COVID deaths

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Here are the latest details on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the area:

• Four new COVID-19 deaths were reported early this week by the Fulton County Health Department. There have now been 96 deaths in the county.

There were 84 new cases reported in the time period by the Fulton County Health Department. On Monday, 63 new cases were reported for Oct. 15-18, and on Tuesday 21 new cases were reported.

The 84 cases is a drop from 90 early last week.

The age group with the highest number of cases reported this week those in their 30s, with 19 cases. The 40-49 and 20-29 age groups each had 16 reported cases.

The 0-19 age group, which had been near the top of reported cases, had 7 early this week.

The total number of cases reported in Fulton County is now 5,950. The median age of COVID cases is 43.

In the county, positive cases have included 3,255 females and 2,676 males. The case rate over the last two weeks was 550.7 in Fulton County and 507.4 overall in Ohio.

• Eight new hospitalizations were reported in Fulton County early this week, including two among individuals 19 or younger.

• The level of community transmission of coronavirus in Fulton County is listed as high by the Centers for Disease Control. The levels are low, moderate, substantial, then high.

Indoor mask wearing is recommended in areas with substantial or high transmission.

More information on the CDC categories of community transmission risk can be found at covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#county-view.

• The Fulton County Health Department on Tuesday released the vaccination status of cases reported last week. The majority of new cases were among the unvaccinated, at 51.5%.

Another 16% had an unknown vaccination status. That is either people who were vaccinated in another state or are not vaccinated.

For the week, 31% of new cases were from people fully vaccinated and 1.5% partially vaccinated individuals.

• In Fulton County, 47.15% of residents have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Wood County has the highest amount in the area, with 57.31%. In Williams County, 41.9% have received a vaccine, the lowest in the area.

Those 70-74 years old have the highest rate of vaccination in Fulton County, at 87.48%, according Ohio Department of Health data.

• COVID-19 vaccine is available Mondays at the FCHD from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Walk-ins are welcomed.

Vaccine is also available at Rite Aid locations in Archbold, Swanton and Wauseon, the Wauseon Walmart, and Swanton Kroger.

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Staff Report