Common Pleas Court

Michelle L. Kowalski, Swanton, vs. Brian J. Kowalski, support enforcement.

Melissa E. Tomlinson, no address, vs. Steven J. Monnot, Swanton, non-support of dependents.

Sheri L. Millenbaugh, Swanton, vs. Alan J. Millenbaugh, Swanton, dissolution of marriage without children.

Regina Garza-Rosas, Archbold, vs. Jose R. Rosas Hernandez, Delta, termination of marriage without children.

Jody M. Curtis, Delta, vs. Brent R. Curtis, Metamora, dissolution of marriage with children.

Marriage Licenses

Peyten L. Shadbolt, 24, Wauseon, safety team, and Sydney A. Nardo, 24, Wauseon, education.

Shawn D. Davis, 31, Delta, maintenance foreman, and Kendra M. Torbet, 30, Delta, senior auditor.

Justin W. Young, 39, Wauseon, field technician, and Thanh Thi Thanh Nguyen, 30, Wauseon, nail technician.

William P. Miller, 53, Wauseon, assistant store manager, and Melanie J. Hoot, 48, Wauseon, online shopper.

Jimmy T. Leathers Jr., 64, Wauseon, mechanic, and Donene M. McVicker, 51, Wauseon, meat clerk.

Dustin A. Glass, 29, Fayette, iron worker, and Meliah R. Caudill, 30, Fayette, factory worker.

Brent R. Turnbull, 45, Wauseon, unemployed, and Amber L. Reel, 43, Wauseon, client care regional manager.

Shane D. J. Delong, 43, Fayette, preventative maintenance, and Maigan N. Dancer, 25, Fayette, product engineer.

Real Estate Transfers

Kory A. and Tammy S. Allison to Andres B. Montes and Lila R. Juarez, 333 S. Franklin St., Wauseon, $146,000.

Megan D. and Jamison Wyse to Andrew T. and Lori J. Rohrs, 401 Union St., Archbold, $160,100.

Roger J. and Mary Ann Fielitz to Lexington Investments Ltd., 400 Stamm St., Archbold, $375,000.

Shawn W. and Brianne M. Wymer to Ronald E. Sr. and Sherrie Buehrer, 4565 County Road D, Delta, $290,000.

Britenriker Properties LLC to Kathyrn J. and Micheal Britenriker-Deveau, 404 Lincoln St., Archbold, $123,735.

Dorothy J. Woodring to Dawn M. Woodring, 309 S. Adrian St., Lyons, $65,000.

Tribe Properties LLC to Hannah and Nelson S. Gombash, 17020 State Hwy. 2, Wauseon, $249,000.

Adrienne Emmons to Dallas S. and Alizabeth A. Yurtman, 300 Vine St., Archbold, $138,000.

Jennifer L. Beck, trustee, to Bradford L. Roth, 739 Fairway Lane, Wauseon, $240,000.

Michael D. and Rebekah Evans to Sara’s Garden, 430 Dwight Ave., Wauseon, $170,000.

Thomas L. and Nancy J. Vershum to Charles J. Gladieux, 205 Bankey Ave., Archbold, $130,000.

Edward V. Reynolds to Thomas A. and Susan J. Hall, 12735 County Road L, Wauseon, $134,000.

Todd W. Short, trustee, to Conner E. Lemons, 1610 County Road 24, Archbold, $310,000.

Donna L. Baumea and Christine Baumea to Victor D. and Julie K. Garcia, 255 Main St., Wauseon, $20,000.

Stephanie T. Bonn to Amanda M. Church, 209 N. Main St., Swanton, $30,000.

Roger L. Frey, trustee, to Karen A. Short, 1021 Olds Lane, Archbold, $225,000.

Zachary T. and Erin M. Riley to Marshall Harbour and Melissa Mann, co-trustees, 700 E. Oak St., Wauseon, $285,000.