Marriage Licenses

Bryan W. Crowell, 31, Lyons, retail, and Jessica G. Meller, 30, Lyons, retail.

Joshual W. Wright, 28, Fayette, labor, and Carli Jo Crisler, 27, Fayette, dispatcher.

Nicholas J. Spangler, 24, Delta, contractor, and Deanna M. Beltran, 23, Delta, veterinary receptionist.

Trevor K. Neuenschwander, 28, Archbold, robotic engineer, and Rebecka E. Baker, 26, Delta, RN.

Stephen M. Nelson, 24, Swanton, operations manager, and Hannah G. Gombash, 23, Swanton, accountant.

Jacob D. Whitcomb, 27, Archbold, law enforcement, and Jayla L. Beal, 27, Archbold, dispatch.

Scott L. Wilson, 30, Delta, steel processing, and Holly H. Kosmider, 28, Delta, baker.

Jeffrey H. Calkins, 25, Romulus, Mich., mechanic, and Abigayle M. Dotson, 24, Rolumus, Mich., radiologic technologist.

Justin M. Callahan, 26, Delta, factory, and Brianna N. Bennett, 22, Sherwood, Ohio, LPN.

Nathaniel D. Schock, 20, Delta, technical, and Angela C. Elliott, 20, Jerry City, Ohio, cook.

David A. Higgins, 64, Wauseon, electrician, and Audrey A. Axe, 61, Wauseon, unemployed.

Dean M. Sego, 23, Swanton, plumber, and Ashley N. Roth, 21, Swanton, office assistant.

Peyten L. Shadbolt, 24, Wauseon, safety team, and Sydney A. Nardo, 24, Wauseon, education.

Shawn D. Davis, 31, Delta, maintenance, and Kendra M. Torbet, 30, Delta, senior auditor.

Real Estate Transfers

Ihla R. Wittscheck to Amador H. and Sheryl L. Limon, 2784 U.S. 20, Metamora, $126,000.

Tamara E. Vaughn to Michael W. Smith, 308 N. Woodland Ave., Swanton, $129,000

Hazel Enterprises LLC to James Wilson and Jennifer Demeritt, 2159 Redbud Lane, Delta, $189,900.

Catherine J. Stiriz to Premier Building Service Contractors LLC, 861 N. Fulton St., Wauseon, $45,000.

James A. Gerken to Dennis and Pamela Winter, 765 N. Harvest Lane, Wauseon, $155,500.

Sean O’Brien to Terra J. Meeker, 334 Monroe St., Wauseon, $120,000.

James M. Smith and Ashley Rabe to Garrett W. Grime, 1108 N. Buehrer St., Archbold, $150,000.

Terry L. and Lora L. Mull to James M. and Ashley L. Smith, 206 Church St., Archbold, $245,900.

Ethan and Myah Grant to Matthew and Nicole Downing, 117 Lincoln St., Delta, $132,000.

Jerome D. and Ruth Ann Baeyen to David W. and Elizabeth K. Steinglass, 4871 State Hwy. 66, Archbold, $163,000.

Nicholas Smallman and Danielle Marvin to Devin G. McCance, 1830 County Road 3, Swanton, $380,000.

Connie Myers, trustee, to Danielle E. and Nicholas W. Smallman, 14150 County Road 2, Swanton, $407,500.