Fulton County 4-H still project results announced

The Fulton County 4-H Program has announced the following still project judging results from July 12-15 judging. Still projects make up one-third of the program and are the projects which are not “moving” or animals shown at the fair.

Still project judging was held at the Ohio State University Extension – Fulton County office where youth had the opportunity to speak with judges and present their work for an interview-style project evaluation.

HM-Honorable Mention, CW-County Winner, SFR-State Fair Representative.

Youth members with the SFR-State Fair Representative designation have been awarded the opportunity to advance to the Ohio State Fair 4-H non-livestock competitions.

Healthy Living, Family & Home

First Aid In Action—Lainey Zientek (CW, SFR)

Medicine Science Safety—Allison Kretz (CW, SFR), Addison Kiefer (HM)

Your Thoughts Matter – Carsyn Hagans (CW, SFR), Emma Vaculik (HM)

Laundry—Carissa Stanton (CW, SFR)

Family History Treasure Hunt—Addison Kiefer (CW, SFR)

It’s My Home—Aubrey Schwable (CW, SFR)

Your First Home Away—Ashton Sayers (CW, SFR)

Creative & Leisure Arts

Get Started in Art, Jr. – Karalynn Longnecker (CW, SFR)

Get Started in Art, Sr. – Allena Crossgrove (CW, SFR)

Photography Basics—Evan Reinhard (CW, SFR), JoBeth Daniels (HM)

Next Level Photography—Katie Moore (CW, SFR)

My Favorite Things – Carson Godsey (CW, SFR)

Scrapbooking, Jr. – Josie Spires (CW, SFR), Anneka Wesche (HM, SFR)

Scrapbooking, Sr. – Arika Zeiter (SFR)

The Writer In You—Marissa DeSantos (CW)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Airedales to Zebras: Level 1- Karsyn Gillen (SFR, CW)

All Systems Go: Level 2- Keren Maldonado (SFR, CW)

On the Cutting Edge: Level 3- Sophie Sterken (SFR, CW), Katelyn Hays (HM)

Science Fun with Dairy Food- Kassidee Bergstedt (SFR, CW)

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry- Ali Genter (SFR, CW)

Science Fun with Physics- Adelynn Crossgrove (SFR, CW)

Rockets Away (Solid Fuel)- Brody Chittenden (CW

Robotic 1 with LEGO EV3- Keren Maldonado (SFR, CW) Blake Creque (HM)

Robotics Master- Brady Fry (CW)

Magic of Electricity- Grace Whitinger (HM

Investigating Electricity- Keren Maldonado (SFR, CW)

Wired for Power- Landon O’Dell (SFR, CW)

Not Just Knots- Ezekiel Borton (SFR, CW), Derek Zeiter (HM)

Crank It Up- Thomas Richer (SFR, CW), James Thornton (HM)

Warm It Up- Anthony Pelton (SFR, CW)

Tractor Operations: Gearing Up for Safety- Gracyn Pelton (CW)

ATV Safety- Alex Sprouse (CW), Maebelle Rettle (HM)

Measuring Up- Sam Blanchong (JR, SFR, CW), Owen Remington (CW), Evelyn Bieber (HM)

Making the Cut- Jensyn Gillen (Jr. SFR, CW), Oliver Seibert (Sr. SFR, CW)

Arcs and Sparks- Molly Elvey (SFR, CW), Jesse Rittichier (HM)

Exploring Polar Science- Carson McGhee (CW)

Personal Development

Discovering 4-H- Cecelia Seibert (CW)

Around the Globe- Derek Stanton (SFR, CW)

Self-Determined- Levi Emmons (SFR, CW), Arika Zeiter (CW), Katelyn Hays (HM)

Creative Arts/ Mini Garden- Ella Grime (SFR, CW), Nathan Wonderly (CW0, Allena Crossgrove (HM)

Babysitting- Eve Crossgrove (SFR, CW) Lorali Berry (HM

Club Leadership- Lily Reynolds (SFR, CW)

Diversity: The Source- Josie Callan (SFR, CW)

Finding Your Voice- Kristine Hockenberry (SFR, CW), Zenas Siefker (HM)

Here, There, Ag Career- Jenna Stanton (SFR, CW)

Teens/Financial Success- Emma Vaculik (CW), Luke Reinhard (HM)

Food and Nutrition

Let’s Start Cooking- Lexi Short (SFR, CW), Danica Shehorn (HM), Kit Ames (HM)

Let’s Bake Quick Breads- Greydon Wesche (Jr. SFR, CW)

Kassidy Zientek (Sr. SFR, CW)

Yeast Breads on The Rise- Molly Elvey (SFR, CW)

Sports Nutrition 2: Get Set!- Natalie Seibert (SFR, CW)

You’re the Chef- Alli Corbin (SFR, CW)

Grill Master- Levi Short (SFR, CW)

Star Spangled Foods- Chloe Cole (Jr. SFR, CW), Madeleine Johnston (Sr. SFR, CW)

Party Planner: Quantity Cooking-

Everyday Food and Fitness- Hannah Lazenby (CW), Julia Burkholder (HM)

Snack Attack- Adrienne Borton (SFR, CW), Cecelia Seibert (HM)

Racing Clock to Awesome Meals- Jack Borton (SFR, CW), Adelynn Crossgrove (HM)

Take a Break for Breakfast- Tessa Seibert (SFR, CW)

Clothing and Textiles

Sew Fun- Peyton Richer (Jr. SFR, CW), Leah MIishka (Sr. SFR, CW), Aleiya Moore (HM)

Sundresses and Jumpers-Arika Zeiter (SFR, CW), Breah Teal (HM)

Dress-Up Outfit- Allena Crossgrove (SFR, CW)

Loungewear- Sydnie Whitinger (CW)

Terrific Tops- Grace Whitinger (SFR, CW)

Clothing for Middle School- Caroline Sterken (SFR, CW)

Look Great for Less- Madison Strauss (CW)

You Can Quilt- Janna Burkholder (SFR, CW), Hannah Lazenby (HM)

Quilting the Best Better- Arika Zeiter (SFR, CW)

Companion Animals

All About Dogs- Eli Simon (CW)

You and Your Dog- Caleb Lako (SFR, CW), Carissa Stanton (CW), Jessalyn Peterson (HM)

Natural Resources

Explore the Outdoors- Macyn Patterson Clark (SFR, CW)

Beginning Fishing- Khail Bieber (SFR, CW), Isaac Heller (HM)

Intermediate Fishing- Denton Fulton (CW)

Beekeeping- Nicholas Wacha (Sr. SFR, CW), Mina Wesche (CW), Emma Wing (HM)

How Does Your Garden Grow? – Janna Burkholder (SFR,CW)

Edible Landscapes- Tessa Seibert (CW)

Grow Your Own Vegetables- Tessa Geiner (SFR, CW), Nate Emmons (HM)

Shooting Sports

Safe Use of Guns- Sam Blanchong (SFR, CW), Mylee Rochelle (HM)

Basic Archery- Mia Trolio (SFR, CW), Annabelle Wyse (HM)

Rifle- Dylan Marvin (SFR, CW)

Archery- Alyssa Marvin (Jr. SFR, CW), JoBeth Daniels (Sr. SFR, CW), Baylee Willis (HM), Nick Horoszewski (HM), Kennedy Comstock (HM)

Shotgun- Lilly Herr (SFR, CW)

Pistol- Morgan Kohler (SFR, CW)