Dylan J. Marino, Defiance, speed, $243.

Mack A. Mullins, Napoleon, right of way, $195.

Brittani J. Stanford, Archbold, failure to file, $130.

Janell R. Ramos, Fayette, speed, $195.

Lucas Nofziger, Wauseon, expired plates, $130.

Susan R. Leahy, Wauseon, speed, $165.

Natalie A. Roth, Archbold, speed, $130.

Corey Klima, Defiance, speed, $140.

Robert H. Siebert, Bryan, expired registration, $130.

Pannell Tyler, Bryan, speed, $130.

Eric J. Pena-Velez, Archbold, one way street, $130.

Shikha Mistry, Perrysburg, Ohio, failure to yield, $195,

Kamryn E. Ruetz, Swanton, speed, $130.

Stacy A. Miller, Wauseon, expired registration, $130.

Fernando Gonzales, Napoleon, expired plates, $130.

Trisha M. Hancock, Napoleon, assured clear distance, $195,

Robert W. Duncan, Wauseon, failure to yield, $195,

Alan Aydin, Wauseon, speed, $170.

Gregory J. Grime, Archbold, expired registration, $130.

Marjorie E. Maze, Delta, failure to renew, $130.

Charles E. Rohrs, Wauseon, OVI, improperly handled firearm, $651, driver’s intervention program and any aftercare, license suspended one year.

Michael D. Dossett, Wauseon, failure to reinstate license, passing on the right, $414.

Jason Lieb, Defiance, failure to yield, $195,

Benjamin D. Baranowski, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $233, no violations of law for one year, anger management, five days jail with credit for time served.

Amanda C. Brinkley, Defiance, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, $217.

Katelyn M. Skelly, Graylord, Mich., speed, $195.

Jorge M. Marroquin-Reyes, Wauseon, speed, $193,

Elizabeth R. Norman, Swanton, assured clear distance, $195,

Donny Ramos Jr., Stryker, no driver’s license, $343.

Tyler A. Rufenacht, Archbold, failure to file, $143.

Luis Jose Alvarez Sanchez, Wauseon, no license, traffic control device, $262,

Carlos Enrique Vincente Lopez, Wauseon, expired registration, no license, $362.