Math Moves debuts at Imagination Station

TOLEDO — Visitors can challenge themselves by using their minds, bodies and imaginations in new ways as they explore a new exhibit at the Imagination Station.

Math Moves uses a variety of hands-on activities to make experimenting with concepts at the heart of math memorable and fun. Investigate basic math ideas and their meaning by exploring ratios and proportions in an interactive and playful way. The new, temporary exhibition also draws upon the power of teamwork, using partner activity and conversation to advance mathematical understanding.

Stop by Imagination Station and tackle numbers, ratios and proportions like never before.

“Math Moves helps kids — and adults — see math as a fun and creative exercise. After a year of schooling in front of a screen, this interactive exhibit encourages learning in a hands-on, experiential way that makes it memorable and sparks curiosity. It will reignite a passion for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) in children before the next school year,” Sloan Eberly Mann, education director at Imagination Station said.

Highlights of Math Moves include:

Partner Motion: Discover how your rate of motion affects a custom digital graph. Walk back and forth slowly then try again quickly, how does the graph change? Grab a partner and see how your motion graphs compare.

Shadow Fractions: Experiment with the placement of objects to make your own shadow stories or scenes. By moving these objects — growing or reducing the size of its shadow — you can directly experience concepts of ratio and proportion.

Comparing Frequencies: Create rhythmic percussive sounds using wheels. The smaller wheels have clickers that sound with each turn. The frequency of the clicks depends on the diameter of the small wheel and where it contacts the larger, turning wheel. This allows you to see and hear the rhythm of proportions and the frequency of clicking.

The exhibit is free with paid admission or membership to Imagination Station.