Gavarone will serve on Ohio Ballot Board

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Senate President Matt Huffman recently appointed State Sen. Theresa Gavarone, R-Bowling Green, to serve on the Ohio Ballot Board, which is comprised of five members, including Ohio’s Secretary of State.

On Monday the members unanimously voted to name Gavarone to serve as vice chair of the board.

“It is a privilege to be chosen to serve on the Ohio Ballot Board,” Gavarone said. “I look forward to working with Secretary LaRose and the rest of the Board to ensure that the issues put before Ohio’s voters are easy to understand and consistent with the rules laid out in Ohio law.”

The Ohio Ballot Board has existed since 1974 when voters approved its creation in the Ohio Constitution. The ballot board is charged with prescribing and certifying the ballot language for proposed Constitutional amendments, initiatives and referenda and oversees efforts to inform voters of proposed ballot issues.

Ohio’s Constitution permits both Ohio voters and the General Assembly with the ability to propose amendments to the Constitution. Any amendment that is proposed must ultimately be approved by Ohio’s voters.