Common Pleas Court

Hillary R. Stillion, Fayette, vs. Matthew A. Stillion, Defiance, support enforcement.

Midland Credit Management Inc., San Diego, Calif., vs. Laurie C. Webb, Swanton, other civil.

Mark Coulter, Swanton, vs. Cortney Ramin, Wauseon, domestic violence.

Lawrence H. Schmidt, Swanton, vs. Schmidt Brothers Inc., Swanton, worker’s compensation.

Marriage Licenses

Douglas M. Diaz, 26, Delta, delivery, and Jasmine M. Tanner, 20, Delta, merchandiser.

Carlos Reyes Jr., 46, Archbold, barber, and Jessica E. Valdez, 27, Archbold, assistant court administrator.

Taylor L. Vearil, 25, Dayton, Ohio, software engineer, and Alexandria N. Lane, 24, Wauseon, teacher.

Ronald L. Schmitz, 65, Seminole, Fla., retired, and Diane Hassen, 68, Seminole, Fla., retired.

Real Estate Transfers

Renee Wohlfarth to Matthew E. and Lanita J. Boyers, 283 Cherry St., Wauseon, $95,000.

Joshua A. and Kayla J. Bruner to James E. and Nancy Morgan, 2659 County Road 24, Archbold, $250,000.

Kent S. and Teresa M. Cassaubon to Justin Traxler, 511 W. Chestnut Court, Wauseon, $165,000.

Justine G. Traxler to Shawn L. and Darlene Smith, 504 W. Chestnut Court, Wauseon, $145,900.

Lawrence J. and Leisa A. Onweller to Austin J. and Hailey J. Arps, 7637 County Road D, Delta, $240,000.

Marvin R. Yeary to Jeremy M. and Maria Johnson, 5536 County Road A, Liberty Center, $45,000.

Todd D. Yoder to Jason M. and Chandra R. Whitman, 606 State Hwy. 109, Delta, $222,000.

Dawn Schrader to Chris and Debra Patterson, 114 Edgewood Ave., Delta, $100,000.

William E. Mundhenk III to Christian G. and Topazia E. Pena, 410 S. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $125,001.

Don W. Shipman to Heidi J. Garcia, 502 Northwood Drive, Delta, $161,000.

Kristen A. Short to Scott and Amy Rychener, 728 Fairway Drive, Wauseon, $69,900.

Anthony and Amanda J. Walz to Wanda J. and Gareth Miller, 202 Murbach St., Archbold, $70,000.

Kevin S. and Linda K. Bowser to Alicia M. Maassel, 9820 County Road K, Delta, $100,000.

Edwin J. and Janet L. Ritter to Jordan M. and Raye E. Arvanitis, 137 N. Main St., Swanton, $287,000.

Robert P. and Nora D. Bruno to Shawna Grant, 36 Hawthorne Drive, Delta, $208,900.

Jackie Litwiller to Devon M. Litwiller, 22381 County Road N., Fayette, $58,250.

Loran J. Yoder to Edmund J. and Tia M. Poitinger, 3324 County Road EF, Swanton, $255,900.

Scott J. and Liza A. Kuszmaul to Josefina R. Marchena, 11721 County Road 14, Wauseon, $255,800.

Jennifer Raker to Martin A. Nichols and Eli Smithmyer, 113 Fairview St., Lyons, $125,000.

Randal R. and Teres Burgermeister to Chad M. Hickerson and Eliza Morales, 16819 State Hwy. 109, Lyons, $58,000.

William V. Marion to Cheryl J. Merrill, 10839 County Road M, Wauseon, $140,700.

Troy J. and Sheri K. Rychener to Joshua L. and Cynthia J. Clark, 535 Dame St., Pettisville, $280,000.

Richard P. and Stevenson K. Philpot to Deborah L. Shinabery, trustee, 205 Linda Court, Archbold, $205,000.

Justin P. Gillen to Jaime Valderas, 408 W. Main St., Delta, $85,000