Common Pleas Court

Eva M. Waldron, Swanton, vs. Mark A. Waldron, Swanton, dissolution of marriage without children.

U.S. Bank Trust, Chandler, Ariz., vs. Beth A. Filson, Swanton, other civil.

Elizabeth A. Montero Cristian, Toledo, Ohio, vs. Christian Montero, Swanton, dissolution of marriage without children.

Joshua D. Storrer, Archbold, vs. Tiffany L. Storrer, Archbold, termination of marriage with children.

Marriage Licenses

Dakota J. Batt, 29, Fayette, Worthington Industries, and Stacie D. Moor, 22, Fayette, Farmers and Merchants State Bank.

Aaron A. Rayoum, 32, Delta, pool constructor, and Kaylynn E. Harris, 27, Delta, crafter.

Jeffrey W. Abrams, 33, Metamora, school bus driver, and Lindsey S. Piskac, 31, Metamora, school bus driver.

Cody J. Matthews, 25, Delta, mechanic, and Taylor M. Johnson, 25, Delta, cosmetologist.

Michael K. Thomas, 23, Rosamond, Calif, aerospace engineer, and Jenni R. Davis, 23, Delta, STNA.

Mark E. Kuhl, 62, Wauseon, retired, and Kimberly S. Yates, 54, Curtice, Ohio, independent stylist.

Alan J. Liparoto II, 39, Lyons, network administrator, and Alison B. Fulton, 33, Lyons, patient access coordinator.

Kyle R. Beroske, 25, Swanton, utility mechanic, and Caitlin M. Hancock, 24, Swanton, administrative assistant.

Real Estate Transfers

Shawn L. and Darlene C. Smith to Aaron M. Makselan, 1985 County Road 9, Delta, $150,000.

Joshua S. Prather to Jacob Prather, 162 Dame St., Pettisville, $85,000.

Jeffrey A. and Wanda L. Newlove to Melinda S. Boyd, 412 Palmwood Ave., Delta, $90,000.

Michael L. Nippo to Jerome D. and Kirstine M. Fields, 6268 County Road H, Delta, $27,600.

Alexandra Reucher to Christopher L. and Leslie M. Gleckler, 910 Fairway Lane, Wauseon, $400,000.

Shawn D. Stamm to Douglas D. and Nancy N. Rupp, trustees, 5362 State Hwy. 66, Archbold, $156,000.

Howard G. and Chandra R Chestnut to Corey Daunhauer and Paige Stiriz, 222 W. Willow St., Wauseon, $222,000.

AMA Holdings LLC to Catherine DeBlaineville Concepts LLC, 395 W. Airport Hwy., Swanton, $230,000.

Beth A. Cole to Marcos V. and Sheila J. Valderrama, 3230 County Road 6-1, Delta, $119,000.

Matthew P. and Brittany K. Funk to Dana and Devyn Frost, 1046 Seneca Drive, Wauseon, $349,900.

Christopher T. and Kelly A. Hester to Matthew P. and Brittany K, Funk, 15111 County Road M, Wauseon, $250,000.

Dorothy H. Bell to Michael E. and Teri E. Dashner, 109 Hickory St., Swanton, $152,500.

Frederick Powell to Michael D. and Jennifer K. Cotner, 7175 County Road 2, Swanton, $315,000.

Jane Trudel and Marlin Gearig, co-trustees, to Trent A. and Terri L. Stevenson, County Road J Rear, Archbold, $140,082.

C&J Capital LLC to Carl J. Spadafore, 111 Elmwood St, Wauseon, $159,900.

Joshua L. and Emily M. Rodriguez to Joshua D and Samantha F. Rasey, 210 S. Lawrence St, Fayette, $110,000.

Adam R. and Jodi Demaline to Donald K. Apple and Sheila Garcia-Apple, 109 Elmwood Ave., Delta, $117 000.

Marilyn J. and Mary Ann Szabo to Raymond K. and Julie A. and Mary Ann Szabo, County Road 4, Swanton, County Road M, Delta, $517,015.

Larry D. Stuckey, trustee, to William O. Short, County Road 25, Archbold, $196,350.