Common Pleas Court

Brandi R. Aldrich, Van Wert, Ohio, vs. Brandon D. Aldrich, Archbold, dissolution of marriage with children.

On Deck Capital Inc., Arlington, Va., vs. Denali Investment Group LLC, Bryan, other civil.

Amy Driver, Archbold, vs. Dennis Driver, Swanton, termination of marriage without children.

Mark A. Cormack, Defiance, vs. Angel L. Cormack, Wauseon, termination of marriage with children.

Marriage Licenses

Derek T. Rupp, 24, Wauseon, teacher, and Hayley S. Callahan, 22, Delta, teacher.

Zachary J. Murry, 39, Lyons, attorney, and Penelope A. Packard, 31, Lyons, cosmetologist.

Scott A. Stoffer II, 30, Swanton, technician, and Jessica M. Mitchell, 34, Swanton, operations specialist.

Cole S. Lesinski, 28, Wauseon, control engineer, and Raven E. Joughin, 28, Wauseon, general labor.

John K. Jackman, 50, Wauseon, QC tech, and Deborah A. Spiess, 45, Wauseon, self-employed.

Nicholas H. Benecke, 22, Archbold, housekeeper, and Madeline L. Helberg, 21, Archbold, housekeeper.

Curtis N. Webb, 63, Delta, woodworker, and Lydia E. Ellinwood, 57, Delta, CPA.

Dakota J. Batt, 29, Fayette, Worthington Industries, and Stacie D. Moor, 22, Fayette, Farmers and Merchants Bank.

Aaron A. Rayoum, 32, Delta, pool constructor, and Kaylynn E. Harris, 27, Delta, crafter.

Real Estate Transfers

Debra D. Storrs to Deanna N. Sherman, 612 Cynthia Drive, Fayette, $159,900.

Mary K. Vroman to Landon and Kaleb J. and Walker C. Lumbrezer, 104 Ash St., Lyons, 326 S. Adrian St., Lyons, $92,500.

Carol A. Crockett, successor trustee, to Brandon J. and Heidi C. Truckor, County Road 4-1, Metamora, $270,000.

Steven A. Keough to Felicia Nycum, 10103 County Road 6, Delta, $15,000.

Robert Derby to Joshuah R. Kolasinski and Shelby L. Mack, 16553 County Road 10-3, Lyons, $150,000.

Allan J. and Bonita Fenton to Marcy J. Keefer, 122 Marshall Drive, Swanton, $40,000.

Christina L. Heximer to Derek Sargent Sr., 7875 County Road 8, Delta, $135,000.

William D. and Timothy A. and Art Short to Kasyn R. Schaffner, 1104 Lindau St., Archbold, $135,000.

Max J. and Michelle Wyse to Brittany N. and Michael Mack, 4550 County Road 20, Archbold, $140,000.

Brittany N. Wyse and Michael D. Mack to Max J. and Michelle M. Wyse, 207 E. Williams St., Archbold, $80,000.

Ronald B. and Hope V. Hodges to Reid R. and Morgan N. Rice, trustees, 975 Fairway Lane, Wauseon, $420,000.

Michael J. and Lisa A. Bumb to George A. and Gina K. Wood, 108 Quail Run, Archbold, $395,000.

Kevin T. and Wendy S. Hardy to Kevin J. Whitlock, 360 Frances Drive, Wauseon, $155,000.

Frederic R. and Sharon L. Duncan, trustees, to Jeremy and Stacy Riggs, County Road 13-1, Lyons, $49,900.

Alicia M. Wood to Andrew Schlueter and Jessica M. Lanning, 425 Marshall St., Wauseon, $162,000.

Adam C. and Ashlee N. Scalf to Claudia S. St. John, 534 Vine St., Wauseon, $136,000.

Gregory S. and Lori J. Shaw, trustees, to Gregory S. and Lori J. Shaw, trustees, 11500 State Hwy. 120, Lyons, $60,000.

Jerry D. Robinson to Nathan and Rachel Hildreth, 419 W. Main St., Delta, $94,100.

Jack L. Lugbill to Brian and Kristin Engler, 308 Ditto St., Archbold, $89,500.

Nicholas F. Rubley to Jason Stasa, 14590 County Road J, Wauseon, $35,000.

Susan L. Stoll to Robert S. Jr. and Susan M. Gilbert, 704 Taylor St., Delta, $189,000.

Samuel M. Blosser to Paul G. and Samantha C. Davis, 5615 County Road 19, Wauseon, $110,000.