Aviation Day Workshop scheduled

Staff report

In coordination with EAA Chapter 582, Fulton County Airport is inviting students to experience the thrill of aviation at the Aviation Day Workshop on Saturday, June 21.

This one-day event is offered from 9 a.m.-3 pm. to 7th-9th grade students through the U.S. Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) known for their Young Eagles program. The workshop introduces the youth of the community to aviation through various classroom styles and hands-on activities. This provides creative, social, and educational growth to kids and offers them a chance to embrace aviation as a potential recreational or career path as they mature.

Students will participate in specialized presentations on aviation and flight, worksheets, role-playing activities, and hands-on building and fabricating projects. They will also have the opportunity to tour the airport’s hanger and unique aircraft and meet with experienced pilots from a variety of backgrounds that are excited to share their expertise with the community. Additionally a free lunch will be provided to participants, as well as snack and break times.

Participation is $35. To learn more or register, contact Ruth Baumgartner at Fulton County Airport, 419-335-3993.

Staff report