Common Pleas Court

U.S. Bank National Association, Titusville, Pa., vs. Karis Properties LLC, Toledo, Ohio, foreclosure.

John R May, Fayette, vs. David Thorson, Wauseon, other civil.

Susan R. Leahy, Wauseon, vs. Kaleb M. Leahy, Wauseon, support enforcement.

Jerrie L. Reeder, Wauseon, vs. Patricia L. Reeder, Defiance, dissolution of marriage without children.

Michele Bitikofer, Wauseon, vs. Dollar General Corp., Goodlettsville, Tenn., worker’s compensation.

Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Moorpark, Calif., vs. Travis M. Holland, Clarksville, Tenn., foreclosure.

Kelli J. Barnes, Wauseon, vs. Ronald A. Barnes Jr., Swanton, termination of marriage without children.

Ismael B. Escajeda, Napoleon, vs. Haas Door Co., Wauseon, worker’s compensation.

Marriage Licenses

Blake M. Rotterdam, 24, Swanton, factory, and Kendra N. Brehm, 24, Swanton, STNA.

Samuel W. Tedrick, 41, Delta, union carpenter, and Amanda L. Dixon, 32, Delta, nurse.

John M. Rufenacht, 21, Mishawaka, Ind., grocery clerk, and Catherine M. Hamilton, 23, South Bend, Ind., nurse technician.

Kevin P. Toczynski, 37, Liberty Center, carpenter, and Katie L. Gase, 33, Liberty Center, bartender.

Austin J. Rohleder, 25, Archbold, marketing manager, and McKenzie R. Yoder, 25, Archbold, PCT.

Kenneth H. Boggs, 74, Liberty Center, retired, and Stella L. Foote, 72, Swanton, playground aide.

Jonah D. Waidelich, 22, Archbold, maintenance technician, and Abby G. Pennington, 22, Wauseon, student.

Steven J. Przyojski Jr., 35, Delta, Air Force, and Michelle M. Fouty, 31, Delta, administrative assistant.

Bradley A. Gerth, 30, Wauseon, machinist, and Maryn M. Mueller, 26, Wauseon, waitress.

Jeffrey R. Schultz, 60, Swanton, executive chef, and Michelle L. Skaggs, 49, Swanton, pastry chef.

Lukas K. Prentiss, 24, Wauseon, material handler, and Jorden M. Douglass, 23, Wauseon, phlebotomist.

Real Estate Transfers

Michael McDowell to Joel and Antoinette Shope, 6221 County Road K, Delta, $277,500.

Fred and Zeke O. Brehm to Jose de Jesus Rodriguez and Jimi Reinoso, 405 N. Cherry St., Fayette, $23,000.

Timothy C. and Cheryl L. Mendenhall to Gene Wilson Jr., 1932 County Road D, Swanton, $25,000.

Paul L. and Brittanie J. Ledyard to Timothy W. Vincent Jr., 148 W. Superior St., Wauseon, $132,000.

John W. Harwood to Nicholas A. Mendenhall and Victor Yeager, 15880 County Road 6, Metamora, $180,000.

Roberta E. Pratte to Bryon Hansel, 13910 County Road 11-2, Lyons, $210,000.

Keith L. Lantz to Tommy R. and Hope M. Lantz, 112 Jackson St., Delta, $52,000.

Victoria S. Miller and Thomas J. King to Linda C. Mosier, 509 S. Pleasant St., Archbold, $139,000.

Groeneweg Rental LLC to Peter J. and Lydia F. Rupp, 311 West St., Archbold, $92,000.

Lanc Properties LLC to Bradley Thatcher, 637 S. Main St., Swanton, $70,000.

Alex J. and Jennifer L. Young, trustees, to Joaquin J. and Rachelle A. Hayford, 108 St. Anne St., Archbold, $189,900.

James R. Keeton and New Century Tree and Lawn, Inc. to New Century Tree and Lawn, Inc., 809 N. Fulton St., Wauseon, $55,000.

Gary Wodtke to Edward and Pauline Sheridan, 214 Cypress Drive, Swanton, $255,000.

Cameron Call Property LLC to Landon J. Lumbrezer, 218 S. Adrian St., Lyons, $94,000.

TS York Family LLC to JMR & NBR LLC, 203 Beech St., Wauseon, $35,000.

Joshua E. and Caryn M. Saeger to Daryll and Carol A. Hildreth, 7361 County Road L, Delta, $140,000.

Farmers and Merchants State Bank to Archbold Fish, 1309 S. Defiance St., Archbold, $50,000.

Samuel V. Witt, trustee, to Melanie F. Allen, 2153 Redbud Lane, Delta, $109,900.

Keith L. Eash to Shawn and Lynette Jones, 1251 Ottokee St., Wauseon, $128,000.

Nancy J. Schlib to Jerry Smith, 304 Lincoln St., Swanton, $66,700.