ProMedica donates ambulances

Four County Career Center Adult Workforce Education Public Safety Programs recently received two pre-owned ambulances from ProMedica Transport Network (PTN), a division of ProMedica.

The Career Center and PTN relationship began eight years ago when the Public Safety Administrative team began working with PTN to provide employees a chance to become paramedics. This collaboration blossomed into continued paramedic classes and many new endeavors to meet the needs of healthcare employees and to increase the care given to community residents.

When the ambulances from ProMedica were being replaced, Jack Morasch, executive director of PTN, contacted Dan Frederick, Public Safety/Allied Health coordinator, about the donation to FCCC.

“I was ecstatic with the call from Jack,” Frederick said. “This will provide all the students in Public Safety an enhancement to their education by providing real-life experience using the EMS rigs. The squads will play a significant role in simulation, which is leading a new frontier in education.”

Morasch added, “ProMedica Air and Mobile is proud to be able to supplement the career center’s commitment to hands-on, real-life training for EMS students. The more realistic training that EMS students receive, the better care provider they will become in the future.”

Doug Beck, adult education director said the donation “is truly valuable to each institution and most of all to the students who will be delivering the pre-hospital care in our area. These squads are top-notch and well maintained.”

John’s Towing & Repair in Bryan and Defiance donated time and staff to ensure each ambulance was delivered to the FCCC campuses. “This was a huge cooperative endeavor in all aspects and a huge thank you goes out to John’s Towing for providing their time and service,” Beck said.