Common Pleas Court

American Express National Bank, Independence, Ohio, vs. Jeremiah Hampton, Wauseon, other civil.

Basilio Rosales, Fayette, vs. Joyce Rosales, Fayette, dissolution of marriage without children.

Jason A Shape, Wauseon, vs. Deim Thuy Shape, Wauseon, termination of marriage without children.

Karleen Nafziger, Archbold, vs. Lori Hastings, South Bend, Ind., termination of marriage without children.

HSBC Bank USA, Mt. Laurel, N.J., vs. Angela M. Bergeon, Swanton, foreclosure.

Nathan G. Barror, Wauseon, vs. Rachel L. Barror, Wauseon, dissolution of marriage with children.

Marriage Licenses

David F. Meyer, 34, Archbold, transportation, and Lacey N. Elzinga, 36, Archbold, RN.

Andrew P. Cherry, 26, Huntington, Ind., university counselor, and Kayla A. Herrmann, 23, Newport, Mich., physical therapy technician.

Jason M. Farnham, 36, Wauseon, Haas Door, and Jessica S. Jacobs, 31, Wauseon, Haas Door.

Real Estate Transfers

Matt Lane, successor trustee, to Collin J. Lane, 12697 County Road H, Wauseon, $120,000.

Suzan M. Lowe to Shane and Sara Tanner, 630 Third St., Wauseon, $185,000.

Richard Turi to Nathan Rawlins and Mira Case, 115 Lincoln St., Delta, $136,500.

Shane G. Tanner to Brian L. Sr. and Shannon L. Neubert, 17145 County Road J, Wauseon, $270,000.

Joseph P. O’Neil to Mary OF and Gregory A. Boots, County Road 10-3, Lyons, $38,522.

Joel D. Shope to Ernest Jr. and Stacy M. Paimli, 9502 County Road F, Delta, $230,000.

J. Randall King, successor trustee, to Harvest Rest Farms LLC, County Road 19, Archbold, $610,175.

Jennifer E. Lakia to Melissa Callender, 751 Fairway Drive, Wauseon, $229,000.

Jason P. and Steffanie L. Smigelski to Michael and Mary Sheahan, 2 Cascade Lane, Delta, $295,000.

Jolene M. Shock, trustee, to Brien and Amanda Nelson, 4618 State Hwy. 120, Metamora, $210,000.

Paul F. and Beth A. Reichert to Wintergreen 532 LLC, 306 Buckeye St., Archbold, $302,000.

Sharon K. Evers, trustee, to Daniel A. and Jenny L. Terry, 204 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $173,000.

Zachary R. Birky to Spencer E. Lester Jr., 6174 County Road 27, Archbold, $195,000.

James R. and Rita J. Colon, co-trustees, to Garrett Krasula, 523 E. Chestnut St., Wauseon, $20,000.

Natalia A. Grimolizzi Fasano to Calderon B. de Hernandez, 198 N. Lincoln St., Archbold, $115,000.

Craig A. Mullins to Trading Post Properties LLC, 305 Church St., Swanton, $35,000.

Austin J. Arps and Haille McDonnall to Jacob P. Bechstein, 6271 County Road C, Delta, $175,000.

Richard Rowinski to James F. and Patricia M. Gano, 319 Cherrytree, Delta, $165,000.

Derrick C. Charles to Tyler D. Greenawalt, 506 Mettabrook Drive, Swanton, $142,500.

Christopher A. and Mary H. O’Leary to Benjamin T. Poorman, 10691 U.S. 20, Lyons, $30,000.

Karen R. Pfund to Eric and Laura Mann, 2266 County Road 15, Wauseon, $220,000.

David J. and Madison R. Rogers to Kelly L. Wagner, 5502 State Hwy. 120, Metamora, $250,000.