Common Pleas Court

Alfredo Castillo Jr., Archbold, vs. Carla R. Castillo, Swanton, dissolution of marriage with children.

Carol J. Hibbard, Wauseon, vs. Scott A. Hibbard, Fayette, termination of marriage without children.

Illinois Farmers Insurance Co., Bloomington, Ill., vs. Estate of Kenneth E. Trowbridge, South Bend, Ind., other civil.

HSBC Bank USA, West Palm Beach, Fla., vs. Unknown spouse, Swanton, foreclosure.

Fifth Third Bank, Independence, Ohio, vs. Valerie Petry, Swanton, other civil.

Gary L. Blankenship Jr., Archbold, vs. Lillian M. Blankenship, Saltville, Va., termination of marriage with children.

Emily K. Richter-Walker, Lyons, vs. Drew C. Walker, Delta, termination of marriage with children.

Travis J. Weigel, Swanton, vs. Susan Weigel, Swanton, termination of marriage with children.

Teresa L. Felix, Swanton, vs. Pacio P. Champada, Stryker, Ohio, other civil.

Jessica N. Waller, Delta, vs. Anthony Waller Jr., Grand Rapids, Ohio, termination of marriage with children.

Ruth Hunt, Wauseon, vs. Dawond Hunt, Caldwell, Ohio, termination of marriage with children.

American Express National Bank, Independence, Ohio, vs. Jeremiah Hampton, Wauseon, other civil.

Basilio Rosales, Fayette, vs. Joyce Rosales, Fayette, dissolution of marriage without children.

Marriage Licenses

Kristina M. Martinez, 53, Wauseon, student, and Michelle A. Paquette, 50, Wauseon, supervisor.

Logan A. Wyse, 24, Delta, and Zoe M. Stevens, 19, Delta.

Joshua T. Whitcomb, 23, Wauseon, laborer, and Carys R. Grime, 22, Wauseon, nursing assistant.

David F. Meyer, 34, Archbold, transportation, and Lacey N. Elzinga, 36, Archbold, RN.

Andrew P. Cherry, 26, Huntington, Ind., university counselor, and Kayla A. Herrmann, 23, Newport, Mich., physical therapy technician.

Real Estate Transfers

Brandon Volkman to Chelsea L. Navarro, 447 Monroe St. Delta, $126,000.

Tracy L. Grime, successor trustee, to Robert J. III and Lyndsey Mulherin,6460 County Road 5-2, Delta, $280,500.

Jay B. and Janet S. Lemley to Kevin and Veronica Stoeck, 17667 U.S. 20A, Wauseon, $330,000.

Terry Henricks Chrysler Dodge to Jamie L. and Jessica R. Mendez, 505 E. Lugbill Road, Archbold, $85,000.

Timothy L. McCord to David Baronowski, 15034 County Road 13-1, Lyons, $8,500.

Kevin J. Clingaman, successor trustee, to Jason L. Clingaman, 249 W. Elm St., Wauseon, $65,000.

J. Randall King, successor trustee, to Justin T. and Sara C. Beck, County Road 19, Archbold, $522,755.

J. Randall King, successor trustee, to Daniel J. and Hannah J. Dymarkowski, County Road 20, Archbold, $250,750.

Harvest Rest Farms LLC to Richard T. and Kayla J. King, County Road 16, Wauseon, $446,093.

Hannah L. Dietrich and Jose Montana to Jordan C. Bontrager and Sarah N. Elting, 400 High St., Archbold, $146,000.

Dorothy Joyner to Chantz A. Lambert, 418 Providence St., Delta, $142,580.

Richard C. Beach to Brian E. and Denise M. Weis, 1481 County Road 5-2, Delta, $95,000.

John W. Zimmerman to Aileen E. and Stephen J. Hamilton, 309 E. Oak St., Wauseon, $292,500.