Toledo Edison announces local tree trimming

TOLEDO – Toledo Edison, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy, has announced tree trimming and other vegetation management work in communities across its northwest Ohio service area to help enhance service reliability for customers. This year’s $7.7 million tree-trimming program will help keep power flowing to customers around the clock by preventing tree-related outages, such as those that can occur during the spring and summer storm season.

In Fulton County, work is being done in Delta and Wauseon.

Since the beginning of the year, tree contractors have trimmed trees along nearly 450 miles of electric lines across the greater Toledo area. The company’s program remains on track to complete an additional 1,100 miles of tree-trimming work by the end of the year.

The tree trimming is done on a four-year cycle. The program includes inspecting vegetation near the lines to ensure the trees are pruned in a manner that helps preserve the health of the tree, while also maintaining safety near electric facilities. Trees that present a danger or are diseased may be removed.

“Trees are a leading cause of power outages, and we complete proactive tree-trimming work each year to prevent tree-related outages during severe weather,” said Rich Sweeney, regional president of Toledo Edison. “This work undoubtedly helps minimize the impact of weather-related outages to keep the power flowing safely and reliably to customers.”

As part of its notification process, Toledo Edison works with municipalities to inform them of tree trimming schedules. In addition, customers living in areas along company rights-of-way also are notified prior to vegetation management work being done.

The vegetation management work is conducted by certified forestry experts under the company’s direction, including Arbormetics Solutions, Jaflo Inc., Asplundh Tree Expert Company, Nelson Tree Service Inc. and Penn Line Service.